Dubai Step Conference 2016

After being 10 years in the Media/Advertising/Entertainment industry and attending over 15 conferences – being new in this vibrant city of Dubai made me feel obliged to not miss its most disruptive, interactive tech event in the MENA region, the STEP Conference.

In addition to a great chill night with live music and good company, the event is spread over 2 days – welcoming big names such as Bassem Youssef, the heart surgeon that turned satirist, sharing with its audience his story through Egypt and now in the USA. Bassem‘s talk was very interesting and I was blessed to catch him speaking as it fed me with some cultural knowledge I did not know about the region.

STEP is a conference where discussions of multiple industry topics happen, where startups try to meet investors or get new clientele and where everyone across tech, media, design, gaming and entertainment can mingle together to speak about new ideas.

This first experience attending STEP was incredible as I was able to attend the talks I was looking forward to listen to, get out of there with extra knowledge and met incredible speakers such as Daniel Brusilovsky that leads Digital Initiatives for the Golden State Warriors, Mitch’s favourite ball team. Looking forward to attend next year’s conference and for all of you in working from close or far of this industry, I encourage you strongly to get there. Conferences like these make you love your work, teaches you new things and motivates you in what you do.

Great work to the Step Conference team!

Fun fact: STEP Conference was founded by Ray Dargham in 2012 and is now the Middle East’s biggest and disruptive tech conference.

Dubai 2016
Opening Night on Sunday where some local shops & live bands were entertaining the attendees of STEP.

Dubai 2016

Dubai 2016



Amazing sunset at the Dubai International Marine Club
Amazing sunset at the Dubai International Marine Club

The goodie ice creams offered by Pepsi!





The struggle is real when you give your camera to someone else to take a picture!
Sultan Al Qassimi Barjeel speaking with Dena Takruri about why video is dominating our feeds.
Facebook at Step
Jochen Bischoff talking about video as the type of content trending at the moment
My favourite talk during STEP with Daniel Brusilovsky, Digital Initiatives Lead at GSW
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