Eat in Dubai: 24k gold burger meal with great entertainment at La Maison Rouge

Entertaining places to eat in Dubai, La maison Rouge Dubai

In a busy city like Dubai with a lot of restaurants and bars, you will find some concepts that are quite exciting. La Maison Rouge is one of those places you should try out if you want a very entertaining evening.

Throughout the night there will be several entertaining acts. Many talents will be performing singing acts, violin, saxophone, dancing, a hula hoop performance and even some magic tricks. Every time there is an act coming up, you will notice they will play the same tune to give you a heads up to turn around to see them making their entrance to the room! La Maison Rouge promises to be constantly evolving to make sure no two nights are the same, so you can always come back with other friends!

Where is La Maison Rouge Dubai

Located on the Downtown side of Dubai, La Maison Rouge is at the Mezzanine level of the Conrad Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. Valet Parking at La Maison Rouge will be available, but if you plan to take a few drinks, better leave it at home. You should get a drink anyway if you plan to spend your evening there, considering it opens at 9 PM.

Style and looks of La Maison Rouge

La Maison Rouge is obviously quite red (rouge means red in french!) With no other variation of colours, the place looks pretty much like a modern cabaret/bar. The bar is right at the entrance where the DJ booth also is. The main scene for all the entertainment is at the corner left hand side from the entrance. You will want to have reserved one of those tables in front of the stage if you fancy being right in the action. In the middle of the restaurant is another platform that the performers can go around 360 degrees to make sure to entertain every guests wherever they are seated.

Entertaining places to eat in Dubai, La maison Rouge Dubai

Entertaining places to eat in Dubai, La maison Rouge Dubai

Eating at La Maison Rouge Dubai

Eating at La Maison Rouge is truly an entertaining plan for the evening! You better not be hungry before 9 PM that is for sure! The menu is very diverse and we made sure to try different items to get a good tasting session. For starters, it was hard to not to avoid the shrimp popcorn which was very delicious along its sauce. The tune tartare came to our table with a mini smoke show (dry ice) and the khachapuri was more on the pizza side than the typical traditional one you’d expect. Although it was good tasting (how can you not like bread and cheese on top?), we would recommend you to not order it as it is quite filling for two people. For mains, it was irresistible to order the 24 carat gold burger! There will be a show coming to your table to serve it which is extremely  entertaining! The bun will be golden and let us tell you the burger is quite big you will actually need to use a knife to cut it in four to eat. We also tried another veal cheek main course which was absolutely well cooked and much better to the taste than the burger. The burger is quite for the statement and fun to order, perfect to surprise a date, but if you are a big burger fan you could be disappointed as the burger is too big and quite falls apart when you try to eat it.

We usually make sure to eat and head home, but here dinner took us over 2 hours and a half as we enjoyed staying to enjoy the entertaining show! Don’t forget to get some drinks (we went for “Fighting Girlfriend”) as they have a great variety of signature cocktails, mocktails, wines, champagne and other spirits.

Entertaining places to eat in Dubai, La maison Rouge Dubai

La Maison Rouge quick review

This place is ideal for a date or a group of people up for an entertaining night
The service is very fast and responsive.
The food you need to order is the golden burger! You just gotta do it for the show!
We didn’t like that the place would get smoky when it is crowded.
Bill for two is around 900-1000 AED (~245 $US +) with starters, mains, a dessert to share and one drink each

Conrad Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE | +971 4 352 8169
Open daily from 8 PM to 2 AM, but show start from 9 to 9:30 PM

Entertaining places to eat in Dubai, La maison Rouge Dubai

Ma'a as-salaama

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