Tips for an enjoyable visit at The Great Pyramids Of Giza

Giza Pyramids tips

The Giza pyramids are a must wen you visit Egypt. Expect crowds and evident tourist scams! Not to worry, we have been and here are are pro tips to enjoy your visit of the pyramids to the max! Situated in Cairo, this visit to the Giza pyramids will also allow you to see the famous Sphinx!

Stay at the most beautiful hotel in Cairo

Probably in our list of the top 10 most beautiful hotels, if you plan to come see the pyramids, you must stay at the legendary Marriott Mena House Hotel (used to be called The Mena House). Forget about the luxury, it is all about its history, all the amazing people that have stayed there and its premium location overlooking the pyramids from your room.

Always visit the pyramids early!

You want to enjoy the beauty whit the least people possible! So beat the crowd by arriving the first on site! This is also great to avoid the horrible sun! Bring some water 🙂

Entrance tickets

It is important to know that the general ticket at the office won’t get you on all sites. Ask them about all the additional tickets and evaluate if you want to go there so you can buy the right tickets. This applies for example if you want to visit the Solar Boat Museum or enter inside the pyramids. Usually if you get a guide, he will arrange all of this for you.

Get a guide

You are there, you might as well get someone that can tell you all the tales to make this experience even better! Our recommendation is to get Marriott Mena House to arrange you their tour guide which is very knowledgeable and transportation will also be arranged from your hotel.

How to dress for the Giza pyramids

Don’t forget that the pyramids is part of the ancient religion and culture so wear something respectful and conservative. You are not on a fashion runway or at the beach club. Do wear light clothing though as it can be hot depending on when you visit. Get good shoes too as you will walk around quite a bit to discover the site!

Respect the site

Don’t do like that idiot that went all the way up the tip of the pyramid… that is just NO. Complete disrespect and also very much illegal to climb any of the monuments. So don’t climb on the pyramids and be mindful of things around you. Don’t litter and pick up trash if you see some to put it away.

Watch out for your belongings

There are scammers everywhere around and pickpockets, be aware of your things and watch out for people’s behaviour when they approach you for any kind of solicitation.

That’s pretty much it! Enjoy your Cairo trip and your journey to visit the Pyramids of Giza!

Ma'a as-salaama

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