FellasCube: A hipster Street Food experience you must try in Singapore

FellasCube: A hipster Street Food experience you must try in Singapore

Located on an old street food corner on 440 Geylang Road, Kopifellas provides an upmarket version of the Singaporean hawker experience. Recently refurbished and given a brand new lease on life, KopiFellas is the new way to enjoy the street food experience.

With a large variety of beverages for anyone, from mouth-watering Bubble Teas to Green Lager beers, there is something for every taste. Unlike other hawker centres, Kopifellas and the hawkers within FellasCube actually has real (back support) seating so it feels more comfortable than the traditional plastic seat experience, all with the same options.  There are at least five culinary options at the centre, all offering something different and unique to each other. 

We tried a variety of food goodies, starting with a Chicken Rice, Lor Mee and a Sausage Platter. The Lor Mee we tried was better than any other have tried (so far) It was not too tough to eat and had the right balance of gravy soup and noodles. 

The Sausage Platter seemed to complement what we were drinking the most, with 3 big sausages that could be chopped up and shared. With flavours of Cheese, Garlic and Original, we finishes them off quickly and actually would have ordered another plate. Our Chicken Rice was fine, but it really paled in comparison and really tasted like many others that we have had previously.

Where Kopifellas really stepped up the game is their drinks options. We were recommended to try the beers first from RedDot Brewhouse, and we had the Monster Green Larger and Balman Larger. Both were tasty and downed quickly. Out of the two beers, we preferred the Green Monster. We also had a Thai Green Bubble Tea as well to cap off the night. The jelly-like bubbles gave it a great flavour and in fact, Thuymi finished it all as it was so tasty.

If you are looking for an upbeat version of hawker food with a few quality beverages to enjoy the night, then strongly consider coming to Kopifellas for a unique night out.

The Hawkers at FellasCube

As a nation of foodies with incredibly discerning taste buds, FellasCube brings together a group of like-minded hawker-preneurs who are passionate about serving quality food at affordable prices! Find at FellasCube the Fellas’ Roast, NoodleFellas, Sean’s Western Cuisine, and Mok’s Thai Kitchen.

Fellas’ Roast: Fellas’ Roast is helmed by Shifu Zhong who has mastered the art of roasting sinfully delicious meat with more than 20 years of experience under his belt. Order Shifu Zhong’s roast meat platter with its fragrant charred bits and melt-in-your-mouth meat complemented by its special rich sauce.

NoodleFellas: Known for its crowd favourite, a steaming hot bowl of Lor Mee. It was perfected by their co-founder after multiple rounds of experiment with different recipes of herbs and ingredients. The result is an amazingly aromatic and belly-warming signature herbal Lor Mee gravy.

Both Fellas’ Roast and NoodleFellas are creations of the Kopifellas team.

Sean’s Western Cuisine: With over 30 years of F&B experience, Sean’s signature dishes are the ribeye steak and breaded fish and chips. The steak is grass fed air flown New Zealand ribeye, and Sean makes the breadcrumbs for his fish and chips from scratch to ensure that quality is not compromised. 

Mok’s Thai Cuisine: Run by a husband-and-wife duo and serves quality authentic Thai dishes. Combining Mr Mok’s decades as a chef with Mdm Oracha hometown Thai flavours, each dish is prepared with love. Basil Pork Rice, Tom Yum Soup, Phat Thai and Green Curry Chicken are signature crowd favourites. 

The Kopifellas Story 

From its humble beginnings at Timbre+ in 2017, Kopifellas has come a long way. In four years, it has expanded from one to three stalls, and is now calling an entire coffee shop space its very own. 

The Kopifellas story is one steeped in passion, grit and resilience. Driven by his love for coffee and his passion to keep local traditions alive, finance graduate and co-founder of Kopifellas, Terry Neo, set aside his illustrious banking career to have a shot at hawker-preneurship. Fuelled by the success of the Timbre+ outlet, FellasCube is their third brand, and Kopifellas is firing up the stove to concoct something fabulous into this brew. 

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