Golden Peony: Fine Dining Chinese Cuisine in Singapore at the Conrad Centennial Singapore

Golden Peony - Conrad Singapore

During our stay at the Conrad Centennial Hotel Singapore, we went to enjoy signature dishes from Chef Ku’s menu at Golden Peony, listed in the Michelin guide of Singapore. It is located on the third floor of the hotel. Since our arrival in Singapore, we have not gone too much to Chinese restaurants, so we were very eager to try it out!

A rather non assuming entry, we had no idea what we were in for as we walked through the doors. After our mandatory safety entrance check, we strode through to see a plethora or awards, dating back several years as the restaurant has been illustrious in winning. 

From this point forward, we knew we were in for a treat. We sat down and were immediately greeted with a choice of which tea to drink. Remember, this is traditional Chinese cuisine so try and keep in touch and try the wide array of teas that you may not have even heard of. We were here for the dinner so we cannot speak for the Lunch Set Menu, but apparently, it is always full and needs to book a week in advance to get a table! We decided to go as recommended and try the Discovery Set Menu for dinner which is $S68++ and wow talk about value for money! At Golden Peony, you will be able to create your very own tasting menu that is not only quality and delicious but also extremely affordable for what you get. With the set 6-course menu, out of the three choice of each section, you get to choose one. Think Appetizer, Double Boiled Soup, Fish, Poultry or Meat, Rice or Noodles and Dessert!

Our first choice was to choose which appetizer to go with, we chose the Duck and Char Siew, our usual favourites so we could compare ones we have had before. Choices are as below:

  • London Duck Pancake Roll, Parma Ham, Pineapple, Crispy Beancurd Skin Chili Crab Meat Swan Pastry 
  • Chicken, Chili Oil Sauce and Ice Plant with Sesame Dressing
  • ‘Char Siew’, Crispy Roast Pork Belly and Jelly Fish, Cucumber 

We both came to the conclusion that it was perhaps the best Char Siew we have EVER had, even though it came in a small portion. We couldn’t believe the crispness and juiciness of this food! The pancake roll of the London duck is also incredible and reminded us of our old favourite hang out in Dubai eating peking duck in International city.

Next we had the choice of one of the Double Boiled Soup options. This is something we both don’t usually have, so it was all new for us. We went with the Prawn and Pork Rib to which our favourite was the rib soup. The meat fell away nicely and is very tender.

  • New Caledonia ‘Obsiblue’ Prawn, Conpoy, Bamboo Pith, Golden Mini Pumpkin 
  • Kami Sakura Chicken, Sea Whelk, Cordyceps Militaris 
  • Pork Rib, Chinese Yam, Agaricus Blazei 

For the fish, we went for the first two option below. Both were tasty but paled in comparison to the meat dishes we had earlier in the evening of pork and duck.

  • Steamed Halibut, Preserved Capsicum Chili 
  • Deep-fried Halibut, Spicy Lime Sauce 
  • Sautéed Halibut, Lily Bulb, Wolfberry, Gingko Nuts 

Our next dish, (they just kept coming) was the Poultry/ Meat. We went the Beef cubes and the Baked Pork. The cubes of Angus Tenderloin absolutely made its way on my top 2 pieces of meat I have EVER had. I can’t even make this up. Small portion but jam-packed with flavour and tender! Wow, if you like meat please get this. Don’t event share with your partner, both order the Seared Angus Tenderloin Cubes!

  • Baked Kurobuta Pork, Bacon, Homemade Signature X.O. Sauce 
  • Seared Angus Tenderloin Cubes (USA), Sea Salt 
  • ‘Bi Feng Tang’ Crispy Chicken, Spiced Almond Flakes 

Our next choice was the Rice/Noodle options and we went with the Crispy Egg Noodle Prawn, Thuymi’s favourite type of noodles, and Fried Rice for myself. Both were tasty but not on the same level as the last dish.

  • Stewed River Prawn, Crispy Egg Noodle Ball, Ginger, Spring Onion, Egg Gravy 
  • Steamed Bamboo Clam, Minced Garlic, Glass Noodles 
  • Signature Golden Peony Fried Rice 
Golden Peony

To finish off our incredible meal, we went for Chilled Cream of Avocado and Tea Jelly. We were exposed to flavours that we don’t normally have. We rarely go for desserts when we go eat Chinese, so it was great to discover different flavours and sweetness. We like the Avocado ice-cream best among the two.

  • Chilled Cream of Avocado, Vanilla Ice Cream Red Bean, Coconut Pudding 
  • Soya Pudding, Hasma, Peach Resin 
  • Osmanthus Tea Jelly, Rainbow ‘Tang Yuan’ 

It was a great dinner and such good value for money. Even though I thought the order of the dishes was a little askew (as in uncommon to how I normally eat) it was so good to try gourmet Chinese cuisine at a great price, top service and tasty as! Please if you are looking for traditional Chinese, come here first!

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