Four Seasons Seychelles : Where mountains meet the ocean

Four Seasons Seychelles

Imagine this. Waking up looking over your infinity pool with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in your hands. You are looking out to the Indian Ocean with green mountains surrounding you. You are on your massive balcony enjoying the sun coming over the hills as you relax in the infinity pool, sounds like something for you?

Each villa is secluded meaning no one else can look in and you are surrounded by a green rainforest and big rocky outcrops. If this sounds like paradise to you, then Four Seasons Seychelles on Mahé Island may be the place for you to come and explore.


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Where is Four Seasons Seychelles Located

Seychelles is a tiny island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is very small and you can drive the whole main island (Mahé) within 3 to 4 hours non stop. With a short 40 minute ride from the Mahé International Airport, Four Seasons is located in the far south-west of the island. The hotel is located on the side of the mountain which allows incredible views of the opposite mountainside and the ocean as well.   

Facilities at Four Seasons Seychelles

Down by the waterfront, there is a large pool which is a great place to chill and relax with many beach beds and couches surrounding it. Also around the pool, there is plenty of space for activities like racquetball, volleyball, badminton and many other games to stay entertained and active.

The spa is located at the absolute peak of the property and has some magnificent views. You need to book your massage in advance as they fill up quickly. The spa does not come with a jacuzzi or steam room, which is super unfortunate as it would’ve been amazing to enjoy such facilities with such wonderful views.

There is a library/business centre available for those who need a quiet workspace without being in their villa. You can also find hundreds of books you can borrow and read during your stay.

The Fitness Centre is open 24 hours a day and has a wide range of fitness equipment for a good workout. Usually, gyms at hotels are small and it is very hard to find space, but we usually never have this problem at Four Seasons’ properties and we have been to many! A huge plus was that they also provide guests with fruits, drinks, nuts and protein bars. Many hotels have a problem with not enough heavyweights, but they sure have everything I needed for a good strength workout.

There is a dive centre here as well if you are looking to get some dives in, or they can train you up to get your licence. There are many great diving spots around the island so it is a great opportunity to do so whilst in Seychelles. When we were there, a few young kids were in the pool practising their scuba dives and practising putting on the safety equipment.

Four Seasons have a Conservation Area which discusses the flora and fauna of the area and what we can do as guests and humans to reduce our impact for the good of future generations. This is a very important part of Seychelles way of living and is promoted like this on the island.

The water sports facilities have kayaks, scuba, paddle board, basically, if it belongs in the water, they will be able to give it to you! Make sure you get out early in the morning for a paddle session, it is a great view looking back at the property.

We were also slightly jealous at how well decked out the kid’s zone is as they had plenty to do all day so parents can lodge around in peace knowing their kids are fully occupied.

Dining at Four Seasons Seychelles

They have three main restaurants which you can rotate through during your stay, that’s if you do not want to enjoy your villa in-room dining option. Zez is located right up on the hillside, close to reception and they have incredible morning views of the Indian Ocean. This is the place we had breakfast and we can say that it was a treat.  The breakfast is à la carte where you could try a range of healthy and egg dishes. However, it is the buffet that was my highlight. Make sure you try the juices and bread as they are all freshly made in the morning for your eating pleasure.

Dinner is also served there win a pan-Asian menu or you can book in Koi, the adjoining restaurant serving Japanese. If the Japanese restaurant is full, you can order from that menu whilst sitting at Zez. Koi is an intimate Japanese restaurant at Four Seasons. You can watch the chef prepare his dishes. They have a host of incredible seafood dishes including their signature rolls and sushi platters.

Kannel has a great mix of Indian, Creole and some traditional Western dishes. We enjoyed the range of food while a guitarist serenaded us as we enjoyed the open air poolside eatery. Every week the team at Four Seasons makes sure to offer guests different and unique soirées of food so always be on the lookout what’s going on to book before it gets full.

Four Seasons Seychelles

Rooms at Four Seasons Seychelles

When it comes to views, you are certainly in luck at this property. We stayed in a lavish Hilltop Ocean View villa with plenty of space. We also had a massive bathroom area with double vanity bathtub looking over the infinity pool and the sea. Probably the best bathroom and bathtub view we ever had! The big windows in all the rooms allow for terrific views all day and night to remind us how incredible is the villa we stay in.

The Patio areas are absolutely massive and they have plenty of sit down spots for you. There is a separate lounge area with a big bed overlooking the bay which is perfect for that afternoon nap. Our favourite part of any room is the infinity pool. This pool has the best view of the bay and it is a great place to take lots of photos and relax.

Sustainability at Four Seasons Seychelles

Like all Four Seasons properties we have visited, they always made a large effort to be as sustainable as possible. Like usual, they have all the linen being only replaced from when you want it, glass bottles for the refilling of water and biodegradable coffee cups. To add to their sustainability rating, they have also incorporated an ocean conservation centre as mentioned above. Not many places make this large effort so as a couple who try to live and train sustainably, this is a huge plus for the resort. Note that when you ask for a coffee cup to go, the lid is also biodegradable which is actually a rule in Seychelles to ban plastic use. Seychelles had announced in 2017 that it was the plan to ban plastic bags, cups, straws, plates and cutlery.

Our experience at Four Seasons Seychelles

Even though we didn’t have the perfect sunny weather we were looking for, we were able to have an enjoyable time due to the superb staff and the abundance of things to do on the property. You have the choice to lounge the day away in your own private infinity pool or head on the Petite Anse (Little Beach in English) to bathe in the blue waters and white sands. If we were catering a perfect holiday for someone, we would recommend 5 days here. This gives you enough time to enjoy the activities the property has to offer, plus gives you a day or two lounging at in your own villa pool. We also recommend you speak to the concierge and organize a few trips to Praslin and La Digue, must-visits if you are in Seychelles… or have you ever been if you haven’t seen them? Bon voyage!

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