Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa

Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa

Does the W Singapore have the best hotel pool in all of Singapore? Let us know what you think.

W Singapore, located on the famous Sentosa Island, is one of the premium 5-star stays in Singapore. Booking a staycation in Singapore is not a hard task, there are plenty of options out there for everyone’s taste, but staying at the W Singapore almost transports you to another place, almost like you are back enjoying international travel again.

Speaking of transport, the quickest way to get on to Sentosa Island is via a Grab/Gojek driving service. However, if you want a public mode, there is an express train from VivoCity that goes to the Beach station on Sentosa Island. From here, a short bus transfer will get you to the W doorstep. They also arrange airport transfers for international visitors.

Covid Safety at W Singapore 

As you enter you are asked for a temperature check and also check-in through the Trace Together app, the local application. They will also ask for your vaccination status. The staff regularly clean public and common areas and rooms are cleaned at specific times. Due to the nature of Covid, there have gone to measures to make sure the W Singapore is safe for all. 

Arriving at W Singapore 

After your entrance checking in process, you finally see how grand the lobby is, from their unique colour designs to the welcome mats that are synonymous with W Hotels. There are elevators on the left for extra help and luggage staff waiting to help you with your bags. To the right of the entrance, there is Skirt, the signature restaurant which we will visit later in our staycay.

The grand stairs, with artwork pieces flanking the other side, guide us up to the reception/check-in area. There are plenty of couches to wait for service if need be. Check-in was fast, and they even wiped down the desk straight after as we are handed our room cards. We even had a spare staff member show us to our Away Room, which is in a different spot from other rooms. 

Rooms at W Singapore

We are staying in the AWAY suite room, which comes with its own balcony and outdoor pool. We are located on the ground floor so the outdoor pool has it’s own garden sheltering us from the prying eyes of the outside. There is a large two-seater couch that has fresh towels waiting for you to jump into the water. 

Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa
Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa

When you open the cabinets you have full access to a minibar with a kettle and a super cool ranch press coffee maker. So you have to make coffee the old fashioned way.  No shortcuts here. 

When turning on the TV, you must also make sure that the BOSE sound system is turned on to enhance that viewing experience. For someone like me who needs to have a dark sleep, the room comes with 3 layers of curtains to make sure you get that blackout feeling in the morning. For those who like a bit more light, the room has reading lights, bed lights and more if you so wish. 

The centrepiece of the room is the massive King size bed that is a dream to sleep on. With many soft and hard pillows for everyone’s preference and a duvet that you just sink into, you can’t go wrong with a 5-star hotel bed for a few nights. Doing their part for sustainability, they will only change the sheets upon request.

The bathroom was truly unique with a massive bathtub that was big enough for two people to fit in. Not only that, it has a big screen TV in front, so you don’t have to miss out on your movie while bathing. Relaxation at its finest. Like all bathrooms, it comes with a large mirror big enough for two people easily. It is also a feature of the bathroom with its pool shaped sink and colours around the frame. The Shower and toilet have the same door, which is great if you are by yourself, but a couple may have to fight over the use of it 🙂

Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa

Fitness at W Hotel Singapore Sentosa

We have visited many fitness setups in hotels and this one is one of the industry leaders when it comes to size, space and quality equipment. Not to mention how groovy and cool it looked. And if you need any more motivation, the fitness centre faces straight out to the pool where you will spend the next few hours later in the day.

There is a varied range of free weights and machines for you to use and is great for everyone from the one-timer to the seasoned professional trainer. While they don’t have ultra heavy equipment, you will be able to have a great, safe workout easily. My personal favourite is the StairMaster, guaranteed to make the legs burn, but you also do virtual walks to places around the world. 

Due to the current Covid regulations, you must book your one-hour time slot, and there is only allowed a few people in at a time, despite its massive size. There is bottled water and cold towels that you can have that are available. The trainer will also walk around and regularly wash down every machine as you work out. 

W Singapore Sentosa Gym

One of the best, yet underused facilities in the W Hotel, are the spa facilities. As a guest, you have access to jacuzzis, whirlpools, steam rooms and saunas. All you have to do is book your spot and they are nearly always empty. If being in the sun all day is not your cup of tea, then the spa facilities will be a perfect spot to enjoy and relax. There are still people limits, but please make sure you come and visit and spend some time here.

Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa

Pool at W Singapore Sentosa 

Possibly the most luxurious and entertaining feature of the W Hotel, the pool deck is huge and has something for everyone. They have quiet spaces for the couple, big family spots as well as grass areas, hammocks and deck chairs. One thing that really stands out is the sheer size of the pool, it resembles more a community water park than a hotel pool. Another feature of the pool that not too many people know, is that the pool is accessible 24 hours a day. So if you fancy a late evening dip, then you are more than welcome to. 

The pool has jets that are similar to a spa and water fountains you can stand under. All these little features keep you in the water for longer and make it so much more interesting than regular pools. If you like playing with toys in the pool, they allow beach balls but also have a wide range of rubber toys for you to hire/purchase. Although not too cheap, you can get a rubber ducky, ice cream cone and other flotation devices at the pool counter. 

Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa
Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa
Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa

Speaking of the pool counter, this is your one-stop shop for drinks, hires, towels, cool water and any general advice and help that you may need. This is also the place where you check-in, show your vaccination certificate and get your band for the pool. The staff are ultra friendly and are happy to help out any way they can. 

During COVID times, you will need to book your 2-hour time slot at the pool once a day. However, if the pool is not too busy, you can see if there are any spare spots for the next booking time. There is currently a 50 person limit at the pool. In terms of facilities, the W Singapore hotel is unparalleled. They even have random ice cream sessions when it is hot and there are plenty of kids around. In usual times this is a 24-hour pool so feel free to make the best use of it.

Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa
Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa

Food at W. Singapore

Afternoon Tea at the W Singapore

What better way to spend some staycation time than with an Afternoon Tea at the Woo Bar. If you want to have an alcoholic event then go right ahead, but we implore you to try out the huge selection of tea. They have stuff from all over the world and are really relaxing. You better come with an empty stomach as there is so much food to try. And they will even top up the dishes you want more of! There are shelves for sweet, savoury and desserts. Make sure you eat the desserts early so none of it melts. The table we got was at the end of the bar, and that allowed us to look over the pool and people watch while we sipped on tea and enjoyed our food. If you want to try some new drinks, then make sure you ask the staff about the tea options.

Afternoon Tea at W Singapore Sentosa

Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table is the restaurant that everyone uses for all meals of the day but is most commonly used for breakfast. We visit only for breakfast but are treated to a quality range of tasty meals. Their menu caters for all types, Western, Asian and sweet-tooth. The Avocado on sourdough bread and the W Signature Eggs Benedict are always a go-to for us. Thuymi went to Asian dishes and had congee and dim sum. During the second seating, we attacked the Belgian Waffles and the coffees. They have super healthy options but also allow you to splash out and enjoy if you really want to. If you are looking for a health kick, the Poke Bowl will meet all your delicious needs. 

With a focus on sustainability and sourcing of fresh local produce, they create a menu full of seafood, western classics and the latest food trends. If the weather is cool, try and get a seat outside so you can overlook the pool or Sentosa Cove, especially in the evening. If you are up to it, they bring down cocktails from Woobar for you as well. 

Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa
Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa


There is quality and then there is SKIRT. The place to go when you want immaculately cooked meats and seafood options. In terms of the eating menu, we decided to go with the staff-recommended option, which is the Grazing menu. This menu comes as a set menu and will set you back ($S196) for 2 people. This is a reasonable amount for what you are about to eat and absolutely perfect for a romantic dinner. With Crayfish, Tenderloins and bread that you can’t get enough of, this has to be in your eating itinerary at least once.

SKIRT at W Singapore Sentosa
SKIRT at W Singapore Sentosa
SKIRT at W Singapore Sentosa
SKIRT at W Singapore Sentosa


The place to have a cocktail and a few nice bar snacks has to be the Woobar, with a prime position on the second floor. The bar overlooks the pool and has a great vibe to it and even better now that the music is back in bars. The staff know their drinks and are happy to share all their knowledge with you. If you are feeling adventurous, they can even take you on a liquid journey, all over Singapore! The tables are spread out to avoid any social distancing issues. The couches are large, comfortable and can fit your family, although right now it is only small social groups. 

If you are looking for something outside the hotel, you have several options with restaurants, stores and bars all a short walk away. However, the W hotel has more than enough quality food options for your staycation. 

WooBar W Singapore Sentosa

The W Hotel Singapore is the ultimate luxury, 5-star staycation destination in Singapore. With every facility being top class, it’s no wonder that rooms fill up so fast here. It is a very family hotel, but you can also sit in your very own personal pool all day as well.

In regards to our personal stay, we felt welcome and safe throughout our whole stay. We stayed for 2 nights and that was enough to experience all the facilities. The pool was busy (as it is school holidays and weekends) but we still could book a pool slot when we want. The gym is a little harder to book due to the restrictions but was able to get one workout a day in. It really felt like we were visiting a resort and totally away form the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa
Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa
Fun, Relaxing and Luxurious Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa
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