Attending the Superbowl in the USA

As a sport lover, one of the main events on my Bucket List is to see the SuperBowl. Of course, there are many variables to make this happen, so when the stars aligned, I had to grab the chance.

There were holidays at work, I could get a ticket and I had mates who wanted to join me. The stage was set.


The build up in NYC was what make sport so good to be a part of. Interviews, demonstrations, fans out supporting their team, it had an electric feel to it. The best part for me was going through Times Square and watching all the media hype the crowd into a frenzy.

Taking the train out to the game was an experience itself. Fans from both teams were in the colours chanting loud and proud for their team. Trains were full to the brim as we all made our way to Metlife Arena, the home of the 2014 Superbowl. 82000 people filled the seats for the start of the much anticipated game, the best attacking team vs the best defence.

The SuperBowl was incredible. It was zero degrees but that adds to the charm of it. The fans were mad, the passion was incredible. The half time show of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bruno Mars and tonnes of fireworks lit up the sky fire miles.

The game itself was lopsided but it didn’t stop me from loving every minute.

New Meadowlands Stadium, East Rutherford - NJ, United States

How did I get a ticket?

Good question. I went online to ticketliquidator and booked one, that simple. Here is my theory, most NFL fans will hold off and wait to see if there team is going to make the playoffs first and then SuperBowl before buying tickets. I just wanted to be part of the experience no matter who was playing do I had a distinct advantage.

Even if you buy early, they are still not cheap. $2200 is the lowest you will find them, so save your pennies first.

By pure chance, my team (San Fran 49er’s) were only about 2 inches  away from making the SuperBowl, so I could have been very lucky.

Once in a lifetime experience, although I am already planning my next one…


Things you need to know:

– SuperBowl tickets are not easy to get, you need to get them early September.
– Book accommodation at same time.
– Even if you not a huge American Football fan, this event is a gala and you must see it in your lifetime.
– Most Superbowls are in warm destinations, unlike this one 🙁
– Arriving early for event is a must as crowd line up for hours

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