Going to Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia by bus

Don’t you dream of having one of those beautiful pictures on the perfect white floor and with crazy mirror reflections from the floor? That’s at the famous Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia Salt Flats.

From the capital La Paz to Uyuni you can take an overnight bus instead of flying (45 minutes flight at the price ranging from around 90 to 150$US). 10 Hours in a bus may sound like a horrible trip, but let us tell you how it really is…

Take a luxury sleeping bus with Tudo Turismo

You could totally save a night of accommodation, so make sure to get a comfortable ride! With Tudo Turismo, it was like taking a plane, but on wheels. It has free a movie they put on, a small meal, hot drinks, heating, toilet facilities, and you would be surprised to also get English-speaking staff members! They truly are a tourist-focused bus company will lounges in both city before your departure where you can sit relax, enjoy wi-fi and all before you leave. The chairs were actually more inclining than in a plane, so more comfortable!

The Todo Turismo’s office in La Paz is really close to the bus station. Don’t try to find them in the bus terminal, you won’t find them… we did the mistake!

Bus journey is: 10 hrs 30 min, 462.9 km approx, with departures from La Paz each evening, with the earliest leaving at 7pm and the latest at 9pm.

It’s the cheapest way to travel

It will be cheaper than flying! Going by bus is the cheapest way to go between the two places without any problem! Taking a bus though will cost you only 35$US!

Sleeping on the bus isn’t that bad

You would think it’s uncomfortable, right? But it wasn’t bad at all as the chairs are so much wider than in planes and actually recline a lot lower than you think! You get a pillow and blanket too, so it’s just perfect.

You arrive with a breakfast

Believe it or not, you get awaken with breakfast of crackers, yoghurt and some kind of cake when you are nearby to arrive! Not too shabby, won’t way no to a morning snack!

Random parade the morning we arrived!

5. Enjoy your Salt Flats Tour

Note this, when your bus drops you at their office, you will have tons of people trying to sell you tours. Make sure you either have reserved before or have done your research before taking any random ones. What mostly happens that is negative is that either the driver doesn’t know much English or they show signs of reckless driving because of being kinda alcoholic (it is the big concern with many reviews).

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AdventureFaktory in Bolivia at the Uyuni Salt Flats
AdventureFaktory in Bolivia at the Uyuni Salt Flats


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Uyuni Salt Flats by Bus
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