Great news! Air Canada now charges Economy Class passengers for their luggage (sarcasm)

Air Canada Luggage Policy 2020

Like airfares in Canada are not expensive enough, Air Canada has revised last January 7th 2020 its checked baggage policy for customers who purchase an Economy Class ticket on or after that exact date.

It will now pretty much cost you a wonderful 140$CA/US round trip to check-in your first piece of luggage on the basic economy class on a transatlantic flight with Air Canada and 200$CA/US for the second piece of baggage. Paying more, in this case, doesn’t mean you’ll get a deal on your second bag! Quite disappointing.

You will be charged on routes which the destinations are over the Atlantic

So to be exact on what Air Canada states on its website when you purchase an Economy Basic fare for travel between Canada and destinations over the Atlantic, or between the United States and destinations over the Atlantic, the checked baggage fees (per direction) are as follows:

  • 1st bag: $70 CAD/USD
  • 2nd bag: $100 CAD/USD

Exception: Kazakhstan

For some reason, the only exception is Kazakhstan! When you purchase an Economy Standard or Economy Flex fare for travel between Kazakhstan and Canada, the United States or Mexico, checked baggage fees per direction are:

  • 1st bag: Free
  • 2nd bag: $100 CAD/USD
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