Hacks for fabulous hair this summer by Maria Dowling

Summer hair tips

Now we’re about to kick back and enjoy our summer hols or upcoming Eid, whether it’s a backpacking adventure or a 5-star luxury resort, your hair needs to be looking (and feeling) fab and at its very best. Not always easy when you’re up against sun, sand and chlorine on a daily basis. 

Before kicking off my 3 months road trip, I decided that I can’t travel with my boring black hair, but also needed it to be well treated before leaving Dubai. So asked around for a good salon to get this done and got recommended to Maria Dowling.

Maria Dowling is the Creative Director of the award-winning Maria Dowling Salon in Dubai and helped me get my hair into tip top shape before I left on my round the world trip.  Here she shares with our team a few tips on making sure our hair remains in perfect condition whatever our holiday throws at us! Bookmark this and send it over to your friends and if you book mentioning us, you can get some freebie… make sure to read till the end ;-).

1) Start a clean slate with a detox

We always want the skin and body to be at their best before we travel, and your hair should be no exception. Start using a hair detox (we love Mariadowling Hair & Scalp Clay – 174 AED [200ml] ) to gently remove dust, pollution and build-up of products for a month before you travel, and every 2 weeks during your vacation.  It’s a 100% natural cleanse that strips the toxins, while moisturizing and soothing scalp irritation with a heady mix of essential oils.

2) Keratin will remove the natural frizz

We all want the kind of hair that will just wash and go, especially on holiday where we simply don’t want the hassle of worrying about a blowdry.  Applying a Keratin treatment will give you frizz-free, manageable locks for up to 3 months.  If you still want waves rather than poker straight hair, just ask your stylist to reduce the amount of Keratin used.

3) Pack a moisturizing shampoo

In case you weren’t already aware, shampoos fall into 2 different categories: protein based and moisture based.  If your hair is damaged or weak (which it hopefully won’t be if you’ve prepped it correctly before you fly) then opt for a protein-based shampoo.  Hair that is dry or in need of a bit of hydration, should opt for a moisturizing shampoo.  Maria always recommends a moisturizing shampoo (like Nashi Argan Oil Shampoo – 100 AED) which comes in a cute 200ml size and fits perfectly in your suitcase or overnight bag!

4) Protect, cover-up and tie-up

It’s all about kicking back and relaxing with your hair so give it some time off from the hair dryer and straighteners.  Get Kerastase Elixir Ultime – Beautifying Oil Cream (200 AED), it contains a gorgeous shimmer as well as UV protection. Apply it all over wet hair before you go to the beach, then sweep up into a loose topknot or braids.  Cover up with a bandana that covers the forehead and scalp – they are bang on trend for 2018 – or opt for a straw fedora for a classic look 😉

5) Go nuts for coconut!

Part of the ultimate holiday experience is cracking open a coconut on the beach, don’t overlook the trusty coconut is a fantastic moisturizer for your hair? Not only does it have the right vitamins and essential fatty acids to nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build up on the hair follicles but it also encourages hair growth.  When you’ve come out of the sun, apply any pure coconut oil (available from your local store) to help restore the moisture in your hair and combat any damage done in the sun.

Words and tips by the great Maria Dowling

Mariadowling Salon
Book your treatment at +971 4 3454225 and mention AdventureFaktory for a free conditioning treatment for the month of August 2018. 


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