How I survived 2 months without Data on my Phone


When out of home or the office, away from the wi-fi, there is no internet connection. No Data Internet = no way to update statuses, check-in, etc.  The title sounds grandiose isn’t it? I know what you are thinking: “IMPOSSIBLE”. I know it can sound like it could be a first world problem for me to not have internet connection, but I wanted to undertake the experiment, wondering if I could survive at least a month without having Data on my phone. I embarked upon my experiment by, first and foremost, avoiding the need to connect. I have to admit it was hard, as I felt the need to connect to be able to do what I think were “normal things”.

I felt the need to connect to…

  • Use Google Map to find our way around Dubai, I mean we have been here just 3 months or so…
  • Whatsapp people we wanted to meet-up with

But then… it was just it. It wasn’t too hard to find our way without the actual Data by just loading the map in advance before leaving home and just being on time where ever you needed to meet up with friend just like the old days!

The challenged went well and here I am, now 2 months without having Data on my phone. I have to admit my experiment set off on a rocky road, I did ask about 5 times to use somebody else’s phone Data to be able to use apps such The Entertainer (for restaurant vouchers) and communicate with people via Whatsapp.

The Outcome of the Self-Experiment

I realized that without the continuous distraction of the internet (and the cellphone also) makes you more relaxed and enjoy every moment even more. Yesterday, I was at the Dubai Fountain at the Burj Khalifa and I witnessed 2 girls and a guy spending the whole duration of the water show taking selfies and the guy being an #InstagramHusband. They barely looked at the fountains, faked a few dance moves to be recorded, it was depressing.

Internet at the tip of your fingers definitely can be a very useful tool, but it can also become an addiction that captures your mind on a certain mediocre level, holding you back of what you could be truly capable of doing or enjoying.

I know it ain’t easy, but not only is surviving without Data Internet is absolutely doable, but an amazing way to learn to deal with things without having the need of using technology. I can’t say that I actually enjoy my time without LTE connection, it did get hard at times, but I certainly appreciate the side effects of not being connected. Overall, it is an incredibly positive way of living, and one that I recommend to anyone trying it out.

How do you feel about being connected everywhere and anytime? Do you think you could leave it, or do you think you’d struggle big time? What are your tips for disconnecting successfully without Data on your phone?

#onedayoffline, how about more than that? 🙂

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