How to get to Hanoi from Noi Bai Airport

OUR TIP – We suggest you to share a car booked in advance with other travellers and split the fixed fare to make sure you arrive in time at the airport. It will be your cheapest safe option. Otherwise, here are the Taxi prices, Uber option, shuttle bus and public transport options!

Hanoi <-> Noi Bai Airport – By Taxi

By meter, expect it to maybe go up to around 400,000 VND (20$USD). The airport is much further compared to Saigon. Make sure that if you grab a taxi to share it. If you deal with a fix price, try to pay no more than 350,000 VND!

It is known that taxi drivers take passengers to different hotels than instructed. Be wise and have your hotel arrange transportation for you upon arrival at the airport. Price again shouldn’t be over 350,000 VND (17$USD).

Again, please arrange for fixed prices by Hotels that are around 250,000 VND-350,000 VND (From 10$USD to 12$USD). Prices has gone up since last time we went to Hanoi. Expect raises from 350k to 450k.

OUR TIP– Remember, never take any different cars. Our friend got scammed in HCM and asked a man for Vinasun taxi and he showed an ID saying he is a Vinasun driver. DO NOT BELIEVE IT, He will overcharge you and require money in advance before driving you. Never pay in advance.

Do not hire cars from inside the airport quoted at 25$USD-35$USD. That is overpriced.


UBER also operates in Hanoi. You can use our promotion code MIMIVN – giving you an extra 100,00 VND (5 dollars) off your fare – this only applies if you never used the app before! The airport is very far from town, it might be possible that no Uber cars are around. This is the quotation you should expect to pay with Uber.

Hanoi Airport by Uber

Shuttle Bus (Vietnam Airlines’)

Runs from 5am-10pm at 40,000 VND (2$USD), ride takes between 40-60 minutes depending on traffic.

AIRPORT (HAN) TO HANOI – The tickets are sold in the building in front of the minibuses park, but you can give the fare directly to the driver. It is possible that the driver will be stingy about your additional bags, but if you push, you will get the same rate. Once you arrive at the Vietnam Airlines office (1 Quang Trung streeet, near the southern end of Hoan Kiem Lake with the pagoda in the center, a bit south of the Old Quarter.). Some drivers will try to scam you there as well to bring you to your hotel. They will overcharge claiming the Old Quarter is 5km from the office, NO.

HANOI TO AIRPORT (HAN) – It goes from 1 Quang Trung street, across from Vietnam airlines office straight to the Noi Bai Airport, as simple!

Beware – We heard that the shuttle bus go to the airport hourly, but they will only leave when the bus is full (This might have changed, but we’d be unsure!). If you have any experience using the shuttle, please share your experience!

Hanoi Airport Shuttle

Public Transit – Bus

AIRPORT (HAN) TO HANOI – From the new terminal, it’s at the right if you are facing the entrance. Advice from a local “As it is Vietnam, drivers are sometimes not willing to pick you up because there are no other passengers sharing the same route at that time, so expect them to ask a higher price (especially at late evening).” Take the City bus #7.

HANOI TO AIRPORT (HAN) – You take the City bus #7 bus finishes at the domestic terminal and the new international terminal. The #17 doesn’t stop at the terminals so beware if you have red on the internet about it.

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