How to go watch Jimmy Fallon Live in New York City

How to go watch Jimmy Fallon Live in NYC

The AdventureFaktory duo don’t have too much downtime, but when we do, we love to watch a good tv show. One of our absolute favorites is the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. He owns nighttime TV in the United States and many people around the world tune in to see him in action.

So when we were in New York, we made it our mission to go and see him live.


Wow. They are hard to come by. They only release tickets for the show one month at a time. We missed the sign up by a day and when we rechecked, they were all “sold out” 🙁 – Reserve them on

When we say sold out, it means all the seats were full. It is a live show and all tickets are free!! You can also always follow The Tonight Show‘s official ticketing Twitter account @FallonTix, to find updates on when they release the tickets for the upcoming month!

Standby Tickets

We were so sad that we couldn’t go. We did some research and found out that actually they have standby tickets. The catch? It was a first come first serve basis – so we had to “compete” for them.

The network told us they will release the tickets to people who are waiting around the side of the building at 9am the day of the screening. They do not guarantee admission, but when they do have extra tickets or cancellations, the extra tickets are distributed to the people in the standby line.

So we got up at 4am, caught the first subway train into the studios and walked to the line, we did not want to miss out. But there were people already there!! We were not even first in line! But we got there before a lot of people did, so we were quite far up in the line.

We were 20th in line and were truly scared we would not get a ticket, I mean, how many people would pull out of this?

When 9am came, there must have been 150 people in line, all hoping to get tickets. They are very strict, you cannot arrive early and hold spots for additional people to join you in line later. Someone else can’t hold a spot in line for you neither.

They then took our id’s, note down our names, gave us a ticket with a number on it and then told us to come back at 3pm to wait again! Argh! So we killed a few hours and came back again, all in the hope of getting a ticket.

How to go watch Jimmy Fallon
How to go watch Jimmy Fallon

After an hour of painstaking waiting, we got tickets! We were going to see him live! We were lucky that that day was a double taping day, but also it seems like a lot of people have had canceled their spots.

How to go watch Jimmy Fallon
How to go watch Jimmy Fallon

The live show

So we waited in another line for a bit longer and got taken into the audience room for the start of the show. There is a lot of secrecy involved in these shows and no personal devices allowed at all, of course. Poor Thuymi… would’ve killed to take some snaps and videos in there!

Jimmy Fallon live was amazing! He gets through a live performance so quickly, hardly any repeating of takes, and the band, the Roots, kept the crowd pumped with some great music.

On the show we saw Ice T and then the incredible Lauryn Hill perform live. We had ticked off another one of our Bucket list moments!

We were there on the Thursday of the week that Tom Cruise did on Monday the Lip Sync Battle… I think Thuymi would’ve just… never come home from the studio if that was the day of that taping!


Book ticket online, save yourself the hassles that AdventureFaktory had. Check Jimmy Fallon’s website & Twitter regularly! Check out this website that will give you so many key tips to go see Jimmy Live!

Have you ever been to a live show? If you had to chose one live show, which one would you attend? Share with us your experiences!

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