Press: Q&A session with Women’s Health & Men’s Health Middle East on How we Stay Fit when we travel

Travel and stay fit

As frequent flyers and travellers that take our health and fitness seriously, we had to build (or try to at least!) a lifestyle that would allow us to combine having the time to explore whilst physically looking great, fit and most importantly, be healthy. We were invited for a Q&A with Women’s Health Middle East and Men’s Health Middle East which was transformed into a small column on print. Since you guys are very curious about this lifestyle, we thought we would publish the full interview! Grab a cup of coffee and happy reading 🙂

What’s your fitness routine when you travel?

Mitch: We always make sure when checking what hotel to stay at, to look for accommodation with a fitness centre included. If this is not an option we we find a way to make up a bodyweight workout, whether this is at the beach or somewhere else on the hotel’s property. Quite often we will set several fitness goals before we go, for example, 100 pushups and squats a day or 15K steps. Usually we like to book travel activities that are physically demanding, which will help us hit our fitness goals.

Thuymi: When on the road, we make sure to book as many outdoor activities as possible. We look for hotels with gyms, bike hire or activities that can raise our heart rate. Our good friend the skipping rope always comes with us on business trips in case we are short on equipment. Since we travel over 15 times a year on extended trips, it has been a ritual to hit personal fitness goals wherever we are anyway!

How do you eat healthy while you travel?

Mitch: Eating healthy for us is the most difficult part of travel. There are always temptations around every corner, whether it be catch up with long lost friends or eating the delicious street food. Although, travel is about immersing in local cultures and food, hence we try to balance our calorie intake and still enjoy the culinary travel experiences. Then, when eating at a hotel buffet, we make sure our first plate is full of vegetables and protein. This will provide us with healthy nutrients and the protein will fill us up for the rest of the day.

Thuymi: When we are on the road we always stop at the local shopping centre and pick up healthy snacks like protein bars and nuts. This keeps us full and prevents us stopping into somewhere to eat unhealthy. Drinking plenty of water also prevents us from wanting those sugar cravings. One thing that is important for us while we travel, is to still not restrict our diet, because to enjoy visiting a new country properly, it means to be able to eat and drink just like they do!

What’s one go-to snack that you have when you travel?

Mitch: I always pack 2 servings a day of protein with me on any trip. For us it is always the snacks and in between meals that can be unhealthy, so bringing my protein allows me to stay full during the day. This also lowers my portion size during main meals.

Thuymi: We cannot go anywhere without bringing several MunchBox packets with us. We prefer eating small and regular as opposed to having 2-3 large meals. Then like I said earlier, we go to the shops and grabs snack to carry with us like nuts, etc.

Are there any apps, devices, etc, you’ve found that help you stay on track with fitness?

Mitch: We like using the Guavapass app as that gives us access to gyms and unique fitness experiences around the world. Wherever it’s available, we will be using it! For keeping us accountable, I like to use my FitBit to count my steps, calories and active hours.

Thuymi: My personal favourite is trying to “Close the Rings” on the my Apple Watch. It is a great way to track all the progress I have made throughout the day. As I travel a lot back and forth to Asia, GuavaPass is a great app to use when I spend some time in Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong.


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