Is the Fitbit Ionic the ultimate fitness watch?

Fitbit Ionic: Fitness watch

Fitbit have lead the way in tracking your fitness with amazing products like the Alta HR (that we both own) and have taken this to a whole new level with the new Fitbit Ionic, their first ever complete smart watch (forget the Blaze, this is another level!). Whereas the previous models have focused primarily on number of steps and heart rate and the other things were sitting on the phone app, the Ionic simply does a whole lot more and better!

Fitbit Ionic Review

Fitbit Ionic Review

In September, AdventureFaktory was invited to Mallorca with Fitbit to preview the new Fitbit Ionic. We were there to test out the new product, hear about the features and the work that has been done from the HQ team itself that flew all over from San Francisco for the event. Water sports, Tennis, Bootcamps, Cycling, Hikes, Swimming, SUP and many more active sessions were planned throughout the journey to put the Fitbit Ionic to test. It was a great activation to be able to have a hands on experience with it. Now let’s dig deeper about our impressions of the product.

Fitbit Ionic Review

The Ionic in comparison with the Alta HR is obviously way bigger. With it’s size, we feel that you are more likely to check your steps. Our favourite feature has to be Exercise, in which we can choose if we are going for a run, doing an interval workout, gym workout or many more options you can add to your watch through the Fitbit App.

Does the Fitbit Ionic look nice?

The new Fitbit comes in 3 different colours, a silver one called Blue Grey, a dark grey called Charcoal, and a Gold/Copper coloured one call the Burnt Orange. We have got the Blue Grey and the Charcoal one. Blue Grey would suit better for ladies and would go super well with the sporty band that is of a peach colour. Bands are interchangeable and there are 3 types. In the box you will find one type of band in both sizes small and medium/large; you can buy the sport band with breathing holes and the swanky bands that looks likes leather. In comparison to the Apple watch, the Ionic definitely looks way bulkier. It doesn’t like very classy and you are actually very likely to remove it if you go out in a fancy dinner! 

Fitbit Ionic Review

Fitbit Ionic Review

The Fitbit Ionic Music feature

Yes! Finally! With 2 GB space to put your music files, you can finally go for a run without your phone and disconnect completely with your music. It can wirelessly connect to your headphones which is much more superior than any of the other Fitbit products. Fitbit took this occasion to launch the beautiful looking Fitbit Flyer to go along with this product launch. To transfer the music, you will be required to download their software, the Fitbit Connect Software (Win10/Mac). The Ionic battery life must be above 40% to transfer music, which is odd, but recommended otherwise to be connected during the transfer.

Fitbit flyer Review

Fitbit flyer Review

Is the Fitbit Ionic waterproof?

The Fitbit sure is water resistant down to 50m and had no issues being in the water for more than 30 minutes. You barely need to remove it. We have showered and everything with it, the waterproof is on point and never we were feeling that it might be broken because of the water. It is good to sometimes remove your watch and not have it on you, so even though you can shower with it, don’t forget to give yourself a break of technology sometimes.

How is the Fitbit Pay?

Like you heard, the Fitbit can process payments, yay! Currently the Fitbit Pay is definitely not available in the region, which is a huge bummer. The “contactless” payment method is an amazing feature, we tried it at the launch event and really wish it comes to the region as soon as possible. While it’s still taking a while for shops and retailers to catch up on being able to process the Fitbit Pay, it’s a great way to exercise and not worry about the phone and wallet.

How much is the Fitbit Ionic?

The Fitbit is priced at approximately at 1300 AED (~350$US) which has it competing with other smart watches such as the Apple Watch 3, and the Samsung Gear S3.

Things we love about the Fitbit Ionic

Screen Size – Compared to the Fitbit Alta HR that we have, this one is on a total different playing field. With a large 1.45 inch LCD screen, it is easy to read, colourful and competes well with the Apple and Samsung watches. The ability to change the face of the clock to over 80 different interfaces is a cool new feature.

Options of exercise – With the Ionic, you have an interactive personal trainer who gives you little workouts to do. This is a great function for someone who is on the go and may not have the time to head to the gym.

Water capabilities – Unlike some of the other Fitbit models, this one is resistant to 50m and has the ability to be used in the pool to count your laps. There are several modes you can put your Fitbit on which allows you to more accurately monitor your levels of exercise in the water.

Battery Life – This has to be our favorite. Compared to other Fitbit products and other Smart watch technology, this battery is amazing. We usually charge them at the start of the week and don’t need to recharge until 6 days later. The warning of a low battery is great great reminder to charge.

Things we think can be improved on the Fitbit Ionic

Limitation of Apps – It’s a work in progress and Fitbit are working with major brands to create more Fitbit compatible apps. They also made it quite easy for developers to be able to create apps and to submit them to be on the store. This is quite promising.

Battery life with GPS – Still something that needs to be improved but the battery life is diminished greatly if the GPS is on the whole time. The watch will run out of battery in under 5 hours

Is the Fitbit Ionic good for you?

A fitness smart watch is what it is promoted and in that regard it’s probably the best of its kind. One thing we really enjoyed was its classy appearance compared to its previous Fitbit models and other fitness oriented watched (referring to the Garmin for example).  If you are a fitness lover and enjoy the extra benefits of fitness technology then this is the watch for you. If we were to recommend a fitness watch, this would be our choice 100%. If you just like a smart watch and being able to look at e-mails, messages, control your iPhone’s camera, then the Apple Watch is no doubt what you need! Thuymi is a big fan and will talk to you about it very soon!


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