Fun Things to do in Sentosa: Jet-packing in Singapore – updated 2020 rates

Jet-packing in Singapore

Want to feel like Superman? Who said that man wasn’t able to fly? If you are someone who seeks out new challenges, loves water and not afraid to try new experiences, then a Jetpack experience is designed for you. It is the opportunity for regular people to experience the thrill of becoming airborne, without the danger of falling out of a plane!

Based on Sentosa Island, Singapore’s iconic ultimate day out, you can go to Ola Beach Club and book your jetpacking experience.

What is Jetpacking?

All participants utilize the power of a water-pressurized jetpack, which has been specifically designed by an engineer who wanted to give regular land goers the “Superman experience on water”. Using the latest technology, the highly qualified staff take you through a rigorous safety briefing, before handing the reigns over to you to control your own flight path.

Getting instructions to not crash!

During your initial hour, you will manage approximately 40 minutes of quality, individual flight time as you overlook the beach and the harbour. Most people have been able to go up to 30 feet high during a regular flight, with some of the experts even being able to flip and roll with the jet pack. Flying with a water-propelled jetpack is sure challenging but a ton of fun!

You do have to be above 45kg and below 100kg to participate in this activity.

Jetpacking Pricing in Singapore

No Experience Needed Certified Instructor Training & Supervision
JETPACK SG$198/~145$US (45 Minutes)
Top-up of SG$60/~45$US for an additional 15 mins
JETBLADE SG$198/~145$US (45 Minutes)
Top-up of SG$60/~45$US for an additional 15 mins

Location: 46 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099005
Opening hours: Daily 10AM-10PM
Telephone: 8189 6601


See you soon!

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