Travel planning: Our Jordan itinerary

AdventureFaktory in Jordan

Jordan has been on top of our travel wish-list since we moved to Dubai. It is obviously because of the amazing historic sites and the beautiful scenery. Not only it is an iconic gem of the the world, the obvious movies like Indiana Jones & The Transformers would make you want to go visit The Treasury at Petra and stroll through the rock corridor of the Siq.

Barely 2 weeks before Christmas, I was able to take a few days off and we were running out of time to book our flights. We were supposed to go to Sri Lanka, but flights were double their normal price, which led us to choose Jordan, that even though the price of the flight was higher than the usual, was very economical.

Few days in Amman

We planned to do some Couchsurfing in order to be able to know the local secrets of Amman without taking a tour guide, we hate tour guides! It it obvious that in Amman we are to visit the beautiful Citadel, Roman amphitheatre and admire the cubic houses pilled on the hill.

AdventureFaktory in Jordan
City of Amman

Jerash & the Dead Sea

Just north of Amman is the little town of Jerash, where is a well-preserved Roman city, complete with amphitheatres, temples, and even a (slightly less authentic) gladiator and chariot race show. Busses are available to go there so we planned to either go there for half a day or wait to get the car rental to be able to get there.

As for the Dead Sea, at first we planned to spend 2 nights at a 5 star resort, but we figured that it is the winter and probably not worth staying that long at the Dead Sea. Although, we heard of day passes at the beach of around JD50, where food is included and that you can use the hotels amenities during the day. We would take the 9 AM bus from Amman with Jet and take the one back at 5 PM.

AdventureFaktory in Jordan
Dead Sea

Road Trip on the King’s Highway to Aqaba

From Amman, we planned to be heading south towards Petra & Aqaba on the King’s Highway, a 5000-year- old trading route that runs past Crusader castles in various cities, Byzantine churches & Biblical sites in Madaba, nature reserves & viewpoints around Wadi Mujib, etc. We booked a car online for around JD35 (50USD) and will spend the day driving over 250 miles south. We hope to be in Aqaba on time to catch a cheeky sunset.

AdventureFaktory in Jordan
Renting a manual car, genius… haha

A full day discovery Petra

We decided 1 full day in Petra would be enough, considering the fact we only have 5 days in Jordan. The plan is to go fast through the Siq to reach the Treasury by the early morning, then wander through temples to then start the hike to the Monastery.

Driving the Dead Sea Coast back to Amman

Taking the 65 back to Amman, driving 2-3 km not too far from the Israeli border and along the Dead Sea for incredible sights. This would take us around 4 hours drive if we don’t stop too much. The road is planned to be small and not being able to drive at 140 km/h like in Dubai…it’s going to be a challenge!

That is our planned Jordan itinerary. Of course plans don’t always go your way, we obviously have only 5 days and can’t make it for actual visits of Wadi Rum, Wadi Mujib and many more nice gems of Jordan. If you can, definitely go for at least a 7 day trip. Have you ever visited any of these places? If you have any tips, do share them with us!

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