4 Things to consider before going to Kenya

Kenya Travel Tips

Kenya is an amazing experience and we cannot recommend it more highly, we are so happy we have done it. But we also feel an obligation to give you some insider knowledge about the place.

1.Have your visa ready in advance

E-visa will save you time and stress!

Some visitors have to pay for a visa upon entry at the airport or border crossing. A single entry visa costs $50 and is valid for 3 months. A transit visa is $20. You can also pay in Euros and English Pounds. If travelling through Kenya on a connecting flight and don’t leave the airport, you don’t need a visa. A single entry visa is useful though because you’re good for the whole East African region: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

2.Don’t hang around Nairobi too long

The Kenyan people we dealt with in Nairobi were beautiful, happy and very welcoming. But a common theme when speaking to them was that they really wanted to tourists to go and see what the rest of Kenya has to offer. We also found that the city is still in its infancy in regards to a good tourism model- so get out and see what the rest of the country has to offer straight away!

3.Be respectful and conscious of Kenya’s history

Its less than a decade ago when Kenya had huge civil and tribal clashes, causing hundreds of deaths and government overhauls. Please be careful if you brig this point of history up. Our friends there were fine discussing what happened, but others might not share those same values. We were safe in Kenya the whole time and felt safe, but there was definitely a more “on edge” presence then lets say a New York or London.

4.Your vaccinations need to be up to date!

It doesn’t matter where you travel, you should be up to date with your basic vaccinations. Each country has a list of compulsory injections you need, plus recommended ones.

Here is a list for Kenya:

  • Routine Vaccinations- you should already have – MMR, Tetanus, Chicken Pox, Polio
  • Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Malaria.

If you have these, you will be fine in Kenya. You will need to speak to your doctor about what to have and how long you need to get these injections before you fly.

NOTE: On arrival, authorities will ask you for your Vaccine Card (ask your doctor for a copy). If you cannot prove you have injections, they will hold you up and maybe not even grant you access to the country.

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