Everything you need to know for Kitesurfing in Brazil

Kitesurfing in Brazil

Travelling for sports is a great luxury for the AdventureFaktory team. If you love your Water sports and are willing to travel, then doing some Kitesurfing in Brazil is for you. Brazil is an enormous country with plenty of outdoor activities to do, so you will need some guidance on how to make this active trip happen!

Brazil Travel Advice

Here is some basic information you will need to wrap your head around before planning your trip. Don’t forget that this article is written solely for the purpose of a kiting trip to Brazil

Visa: if you’re Canadian, you need a tourist visa to enter the country (valid for 5 years) If you are not from Canada, please check out here for more information. 

Currency: 1 $US Dollar = 3.2 Brazilian Real

Language: Portuguese, English is not great outside the main areas, so make sure you know the basics.
Where to Fly: Fortaleza, which is far east of Brazil, so for cheaper flights check out the connections from major ports like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
Where to Stay: Any Pousadas (houses) – easy to rent
Transportation: Rent A Buggy
Windy Season: July – December (18-26 MPH)
Most Popular Kite Sizes You Will NeedGirls: 7m -9m | Guys: 9m – 12m

Kiting in Brazil 

Brazil is one of the best kiteboarding destinations in the world. With so many places to choose from, I guarantee you’ll have the best experience. You don’t need to check the wind forecast, it’s windy every day! Whether you’re just starting or you’re an advanced kiteboarder wanting to improve your riding, Brazil offers it all.

Where to go Kite in Brazil 

Kite in Taiba

Taiba is most definitely my favorite kiting spot! On one side you can find the ocean and on the other side you can ride the lagoon. On the oceanside you can find big waves and closeout beach break during high tide or medium sized waves during low tide. You can kitesurf from the end of the bay (named Taibinha) and downwind for 4km jump off your board walk across and ride the lagoon. The lagoon is the perfect spot to ride flat shallow water and learn new freestyle tricks. If you want to watch the pros, Taiba’s Lagoon is where you will find some of the best kiteboarders in the world. You can’t miss them they all hangout at the tip of the lagoon and they go hard. This spot is also really good to take lessons and learn how to kite as it’s super shallow and ideal when learning. The only downside to this spot is that from October-November it gets very crowded, so if you’re not intermediate to advanced rider you might feel intimidated and uncomfortable.

Feel like doing a downwinder? You can start in Taiba and make your way downwind to Paracuru. It should take you about 2-3 hours depending on your level. Paracuru is a small beach town with lots of restaurants, bars, pousadas located about 10 mins from the village. It has everything you need if you need from lessons, rentals, kite trips, repairs, shops etc. You can get there either kiting or driving your buggy during low tide. The beach is super long and wide which gives kiteboarders plenty space to set up. The best conditions are at low tide with flat water inside the reef.

Where to Kite in Brazil

Kite in Cumbuco

Cumbuco is also a really popular kiting spot. Very similar to Taiba but even more crowded. It’s approximately 25 mins car ride from Taiba. Again, you have both options to kite the lagoon or the ocean waves. There are a couple bars and restaurants around where you can enjoy some freshly caught fish and of course some local drinks. Looking for lessons? Cumbuco has a kite school with IKO certified instructors.

Where to Kite in Brazil

Food in Brazil 

Brazilian food is generally pretty heavy. They love to eat meat. I’m not a big meat eater so I had to find other options. Açaí bowls was probably my favorite dish, I would eat it every morning for breakfast and sometimes again at lunch. It’s basically a superfood that you blend with bananas, top it with granola, fruits and honey. It’s very filling and fresh. If you like tropical fruits, mangos and coconut are delicious and super refreshing! Aside of eating tons of smoothies and fruits, I ate a lot of rice, beans and chicken.

If you’re eating out and want to have a drink, make sure to try a Caipirinhas. It’s a Brazilian cocktail that is made with a mix of limes, crushed ice and cachaca. It’s simple but amazingly good! You would be missing out if you didn’t.


Exploring Brazil 

Take your buggy and drive around the local town/streets of Brazil. People are very friendly and there are tons of amazing restaurants! Drive to the sand dunes. It is a magical desert with wave after wave of white sand and trust me pictures don’t do justice on how breath taken they are. Overall, I didn’t do much exploring because the main purpose of this trip was to kite which we did every day from sunrise to sunset for a full month. Brazil is a very big country so you have to choose specific areas where you want to visit!


  • What sport do you want to do while you are traveling? How do you stay active when on the road?
  • Don’t forget to book your travel insurance before travelling.
  • If you don’t have your flights, check out ways to book the cheapest fares here, but if planning and booking your trip is a hassle, let us help! Contact us now.

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