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As fitness enthusiasts and active travellers, we’re always looking for new and interesting activities to try out when we are in a foreign country. Just on reputation alone, we knew we had to attempt Muay Thai boxing while in Thailand. We both have done some classes left and right but never did intensive training sessions. It was also not Mitch’s first time, as he had spent 10 days working out at one of the best camps in the world Tiger Muay Thailocated in Phuket.

Most travellers are under impression that to go to a great fitness camp in Thailand, you have to fly to Phuket, an hour away from Bangkok, but we found a gem right in the middle of the city by using the website.

Krudam Training

Krudam Training

Using to book sessions

We found Krudam Muay Thai Gym with one of the coolest website fitness people can use in Thailand. MuayThaiOk is a website that lists all the accredited Muay Thai gyms in Thailand. It is a bit like a gym membership where you can sign up for a one-off fitness or Muay Thai class, or you can purchase a whole month. Think of it as a ClassPass App but focused only on excellent Thai martial arts and training. We had some meetings near the centre of town, so Krudam was an easy choice for us. Even if you are not a huge fitness team like us, it is great for one-off sessions so you can at least go to Thailand and experience their ancient fighting art of Muay Thai.

The website makes it really easy to find safe and quality Muay Thai training areas in several different cities throughout Thailand. Literally, all you have to do is go on to the website and all the options of the city you want are straight there. The pricing and location are available for you to make an easy choice. We were happy with our choice of KruDam and will use the site again next time. They have even started expanding their options for gyms and have partnerships in both Taipei and Berlin in Germany.

MuayThaiOk App

Krudam Training

Training at Krudam Muay Thai

One of the great things about Muay Thai trainers is that they can identify your level of fitness and abilities very quickly. So if you are not so confident and trying the sport for the first time, they will cater everything to make sure you are comfortable with everything. That is a good sign if you are training with good coaches or not.

We asked for our experience to be difficult and that we wanted to train hard and oh boy that’s exactly what we did! Work very very hard. They set us a schedule that we had to follow to keep us accountable. Our sessions were 7-9 AM morning sessions and 3-5 PM sessions in the afternoon. The morning sessions were mostly cardio based, so we went for long runs and plenty of body weight exercises.

In the afternoon, we got more into the Muay Thai training. They got us started with bodyweight exercises which for us was good as we had not trained at this intensity for a while so body weights are great to get back into shape. The second session of the day is mostly about the technique of Muay Thai.

The trainers are exceptional at understanding your limits in fitness and in Muay Thai ability. They have limited English but they know enough basics so you can follow along and continue to learn. You learn how to stake, defend and kick, all while getting fit. If you really want to, you can even do some sparring with your instructor. You can use the weights room any time if you want to focus a more on muscular strength.

Krudam Training

Krudam Training

Accommodation at Krudam Muay Thai Gym

If you are looking for a luxury training experiment, we suggest you try the likes of Phuket Cleanse. Above the Krudam training arena, there are bunk beds, in a dormitory-style that you can stay in. It is basic but after you have trained long and hard, it is a good enough bed to make sure you have a good night sleep. There is air conditioning in the rooms and there is no traffic noise. A super cheap way to enjoy training close to the gym.

If you do not want to experience their accommodation then that is ok as well. There are several hotels all within walking distance that you can stay at and just simply walk down to the training sessions. You can stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Sukhumvit, Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit or a bit further at Hotel Nikko Bangkok.

Why train at Krudam Muay Thai?

The common belief amongst fitness travellers is that you have to go all the way to Phuket to get a high-quality fitness experience, and this is what we previously thought as well. But Krudam, with his expert team and on-site staff, give you another option to enjoy a fitness/Muay Thai camp right in the heart of Bangkok. The staff was absolutely incredible the whole time we were there.  They had smiles, always helping us and were assisting us to get healthy food meals. They have a healthy menu if you want to do a meal plan. We even had a BBQ with the staff with all the local food and drinks as a goodbye night.

Krudam Training

Krudam Training

Krudam Gym is located centrally at 67 Soi Sukhumvit 36 – Sukhumvit Rd Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Krudam Training

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