Lavender Field in Quebec, Maison Lavande, to open its doors summers 2020

Maison Lavande ouverture été 2020

Do you love lavender fields? Are you in Montreal and looking for local travel opportunities? Search no more and head over to Maison Lavande.

Maison Lavande is a family owned business 40 minutes-drive away from the city center of Montreal. The lavender fields are planned to open on June 22 from 10 PM to 5PM, with of course, some restrictions considering our best friend COVID-19.

Maison Lavande ouverture été 2020

Here are the unfortunate changes for summer 2020 at Maison Lavande:

  • There will be no entertainment, no more musical shows
  • No sunset evenings (I know right? … sadness)
  • No boho picnic
  • No picnic tables or chairs will be available
  • Access to games in the family area will be prohibited

What can we even do then, you may wonder… well:

  • you can still take advantage of your visit to stroll between the beautiful rows of lavender flowers;
  • you will be able to walk your dog (on a leash & with respect, always), take a breath of air;
  • you will be able to take photos and create magnificent memories;
  • Note that the flowering extends from late June to early August.

Here are the updates about the Bistro for the 2020 season:

  • Open every day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • On the menu, find essentials to refresh yourself like lemonade, iced coffee, lavender frozen yogurt, water, etc

Lastly, the family of Maison Lavande is doing their very best to offer you that service but there are of course a few house rules they will need your collaboration to remain open and in order for everyones’ safety:

“We ask you to understand the changes for the funny summer that we are living in. Of course, we have implemented rigorous sanitary measures. We count on each of our visitors to respect the rules.”

  • Physical distance, like limited number of customers at the same time in the shop, to possibly queue outside
  • Compulsory hand washing, sinks have been installed
  • Wearing a mask is suggested

So here is what you need to know:

  • The entry rates will be CA$ 10 +tax for adult , CA$ 5 +tax for teenagers and, of course, free for your children and dogs.
  • Note that there will be no reservations taken
  • There will be no season passes sold this year
  • Photographers are still welcomed, as in previous years, according to visitor prices and during the opening hours only
  • As always, the site is accessible by wheelchair, also by stroller.
  • Here is the exact address: 902, Chemin Fresnière, Saint-Eustache

Whilst we are personally stuck in Singapore, you folks in Montreal or Quebec can enjoy a fun road trip to Maison Lavande for a experience to not forget. Stay safe, stay positive and keep travelling!


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