Le Petit Chef: Unique Dining Concept in Dubai

Sometimes food gets boring. Eating the same things from the same restaurant is comfortable, but that is not who we are. We will always try different foods, cultures and experiences. We can certainly say that our culinary adventure we had at Le Petit Chef will not be forgotten in a hurry as it was an experience that was very entertaining.

Where is Le Petit Chef Located?

We were invited to try this Dinner Time Stories concept restaurant in the World Trade Center and we were both very curious to check it out. After eventually finding it (there is always valet parking whichever location you decide to book), we made our way to a huge carpeted room with an unbeatable view of downtown which kept us captivated while we awaited the next stage of the night.

After receiving some welcoming drinks and food platters we were taking into a dim and small room. As we were seated, the lights all came on and on our tables and our little virtual reality chef was there. This was something like we had never experienced before and instantly had us captivated.

We slowly (but pleasantly) dined through several meals with many cultural options. Dishes came out as the virtual chef explained his tiny journey behind them. It was an extremely interactive and enjoyable dining 7 course meal. There was no point of the night where we got bored or disinterested in the show.

This was a truly fascinating and unique concept that we thoroughly enjoyed. It is highly recommended for anyone who is tired of the usual dining experience and enjoys something special. This concept is also in Brussels, London and Berlin, which we feel are very blessed to be able to have as well in Dubai. We really want to give you more details about the night, but it is like a movie, we do not want to give it all away, just go and try it out… we will only leave a few photos 😉 !

Le Petit Chef entertainment gets the AdventureFaktory two thumbs up. About the food, it wasn’t outstanding, but it was very good. Some meals had some unique twists that were enjoyable.

Key information for Le Petit Chef

When? Two shows at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm (Thursday – Friday – Saturday only)
Where?  World Trade Club, Dubai World Trade Centre’s Sheikh Rashid Tower – Floor 33
Price: 450 AED per person / 225 AED for children (6-12). Wine pairing are also on offer.  Seats are limited.
Booking: visit www.dinnertimestory.com – lepetitchef.dwtc.com or call  (+971) 43097979

Ma'a as-salaama

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