Madagascar In Photos Shot on iPhone XR

Madagascar Photography

What an experience it has been to travel to Madagascar. It was eye-opening to learn about the culture, the challenges of the people, nature, the fauna and its beauty. We consider ourselves quite lucky to have taken this opportunity to travel to this country that is not a popular destination to visit yet still as of 2019.

Hope you like these photos we captured with our iPhone XR and that they will inspire you for a trip to Madagascar.

Not many routes exist to travel to Madagascar. We flew directly for 3 hours with SA Airlines from Johannesburg.
Most clothing stores you see when passing by villages are consisted of all donation clothes coming form Europe.
Local public transportation.
Rice patties found when driving away from the capital of Antananarivo.
Capturing two Malagasy people walking along our route.
Where we stayed in Antananarivo, Hotel Belvedere.
The beautiful hills of Madagascar when driving south on the N7.

In the Anja National Park on our way to go spot wild Lemurs, mamas quite unique with many species only found in this island.

Sapphire mine near Illakaka
Our Zebu carriage waiting to pick us up and bring us to the shore. They then returned to our speedboat to take our bigger bags. It was the first time ever we had such a lift!
Driving to paths of baobab tree, an hour away from the Mikea Lodge where we stayed for 2 nights in the south-west part of Madagascar.

Heading out to our speedboat to get back to our driver and hit the road.
Beautiful water and beach South West of Madagascar.
Madagascar 2019
Jardins du Roy, the best hotel in the Isalo National Park and province.
Incredible rock formations in the Isalo National Park. We really wish we had a longer time in Madagascar to venture further in the park to find the waterfalls, etc.

Through some villages, rickshaws like the ones found in India and Sri Lanka are the main taxi type transportations for the locals.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about travelling to Madagascar but you can also check out our Madagascar section on our website to scroll all the articles and information you could need to travel to Madagascar safely and to enjoy it.

See you soon!

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Disclaimer: We went to Madagascar with WAU Madagascar as part of a partnership. They paid for the tour during the trip. We paid for our flights to and from Madagascar. This stay is not a paid collaboration and all opinions are our own. Thank you.  

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