Manifesto of Two Adventurers

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Words of Dado & Karim written on March 20th, 2018
Pictures taken in Georgia, Kazbegi Region and their past adventures include Kilimanjaro, Mount Kinabalu, Level 5 River Rafting, Highest Via Ferrata, Ice Climbing.
  • Don’t fall into the illusion that imitating a mindset you had during your first real adventure, is real adventure. 
  • Always wait for the challenge of the adventure to take its toll on you, only then will you be able to celebrate in a true adventurer way. 
  • The finest form of happiness is found at the boundaries of your exhaustion levels
  • Repeat a challenge if you’re training, otherwise always choose newer grounds to explore. 
  • Always learn from whom leads the challenge, all so you can one day lead your own. 
  • Leading and planning are admirable tasks, but doing it all by yourself is inefficient. Leave room for others to take the reins when the situation arises. 
  • Once you set off, set off, try to minimize necessary stops that could’ve been prevented by planning and organizing better.  
  • Be in the moment and present, but make sure you are recording at least part of your adventure. A lot of people scoff at taking pictures and videos, as they think it diminishes the moment, but 2 weeks later when you’re sitting at your laptop watching it with friends and reliving the great moments you had, you won’t have an ounce of regret. And as in everything in life, taking good photos and videos takes practice, persevere at it and it won’t be a hassle anymore
  • A campfire is a visual proof that you’re not in an ordinary setting. Therefore a beer is a sports drink, and you’re success or failures at the challenge granted you that. So celebrate. 
  • Nature and challenges are great to find more about yourself, but also a way to explore other people. So connect with those around you and aim to enhance their experience as that will enhance yours as well.
  • Be yourself, but always push the boundaries of the best self you can be. Even if you needed to pretend to get that kick start. Always be improving. Your body and mind can only improve if you push them to their very limits, and then do a little more. Comfortability is the bane of progress 
  • Half of the fun in any adventure is dealing with the hurdles and problems that arise, don’t panic and deal with them with grace and composure. Or with a bottle of Jägermeister 
  • It might seem natural to go with people you already know and used to, but just like the biggest lakes can get stale without a fresh source of water, so will your outings. Always strive to include new blood in your plans.

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Ma'a as-salaama

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