Meet Marie-Philipe

From Montreal, Canada
Based in Montreal, Canada
She is an User Interface Designer & ex-Oakley Brand Manager in South Korea
MP has been to 19 countries

Website: SheLivesForAdventure | Instagram: mpboucher

AdventureFaktory Team: MP

Countries Visited

Americas: Canada, USA (Hawaii, California, Las Vegas, NYC, South Carolina, Florida), Costa Rica, Brazil
EuropeGreece, Italy, France, Switzerland
Asia: South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia,
Philippines, Myanmar, Hong Kong
Middle East: United Arab Emirates
Oceania: New Zealand, Australia

Fun Facts

Essential travel item:
I always pack sunglasses (too many), a notebook, a camera and most importantly, a small travel bag. Travelling light (without Check-In luggage) avoids delays at the airport and allows you to jump into the adventure right off the plane!

Favorite holiday spot:
If there’s one spot I would recommend to everyone (and would do over and over again), it is a road trip around New Zealand’s South Island – ok that’s not technically ONE spot, but rather an area. Your mouth will drop at the incredible scenery and the friendliness of the Kiwis of course.

Favorite holiday activity:
I am an adventure seeker. I therefore enjoy getting a different viewpoint, usually from a mountain top or in the waters. I feel like I can always connect with the locals when I embark a little outdoors adventure. Let’s just say that tanning on the beach isn’t my go-to activity – I need to be moving.

The one place you really want to go visit:
If I could jump on a plane right now, I’d go to Iceland. Ask me tomorrow, I’ll probably give you a different answer 😉 The whole world is on my list!

Best piece of advice for a traveler :
Let the locals show you around. See yourself as an explorer and not a tourist.
Ask the locals instead of asking Google. You could be extremely surprised!

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