Marriott Mena House: Lunch with the best view of The Great Pyramids Of Giza

Best View Of The Great Pyramids Of Giza: The Mena House

The Mena House is a historic palatial hotel, based in the shadow of the great Pyramids of Giza on the outskirts of Cairo. The place was originally built as a royal lodge for one of the Ottoman Khedives in the 1800’s, now turned in this beauty that can certainly boasts the best view in Cairo. Some rooms and the garden are facing the Pyramids, which is priceless. At first you can’t really believe that there is such a little oasis and then you don’t want to ever leave!

We were left breathless when we entered the hotel compound. The Mena House is based at the doorstep of the Pyramids and has been there since the mid 1800’s and has played host to many of the world’s most famous people and leaders, including Winston Churchill, Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and King George V, Michael Bolton and even recently Will Smith & Messi! We are missing many other big names, but you get the popularity of it!

We grabbed some lunch after a morning visiting the Pyramids and were treated to an amazing view of the complex and of course the ancient pyramids watching over us. The Mena House is to consider for those who want a bit of peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Cairo that can have the most terrible traffic you will encounter in your life.

Food wise we had a mix of local Egyptian classics plus tried their Chef’s specialty dishes, all of course were absolutely filling and tasty.

All tables were facing out to the ancient pyramids and I must say that it was simply the best eating view we have ever seen. After a meal we managed to have a walk around the hallways of Mena and discovering its wonders. It is truly a classic hotel, the interiors are decorated with dramatic antiques, with a lot of gold accents throughout the property.

The Mena House has 2 parts, an older one that is the original palace where there’s an exclusive number of rooms and suites available, or if you want the more modern option, the garden rooms are the extension added after the property was transformed into a hotel.

A funny picture … looks like a field of nuts!
One of their FAMOUS rooms, crazy balcony where many of these people had beautiful receptions and private moments like this!

We also hopped across the road to check out the golf course that was being fixed up. This must be the most scenic place to play golf and I’m coming back to play a round!

Even if you are not staying in this hotel (you should be, we are next time we are in Cairo for the Golf!) make sure you book a lunch here in front of the Great Pyramids. Sure is THE restaurant with the best view of the Pyramids. If you are in Cairo only for a few days, this place is very convenient for the Pyramids of Giza and Great Sphinx. Make sure you book prior going and ask them if it is busy because The Mena House is an in-demand venue for weddings (there was a couple taking wedding pictures when we were there actually) and other events.


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