MAZI: Authentic Greek @ St. Regis Saadiyat Hotel

MAZI, St Regis Saadiyat Hotel, Abu Dhabi Review

MAZI at the St. Regis is the first branch of the Greek restaurant outside of London. Mazi means “together” in Greek and the restaurant doesn’t serve you the simple typical greek salad or gyros, it is much more than that. MAZI is a sharing plate concept and the menu canters through a selection of sauce/dip jars, salads and raw dishes, hot plate starters, signature dishes and finally dessert. Around two to three dishes per person were suitable so we ordered enough to enjoy everything with our friend.

Our starters of Greek Salad (we had to!), Feta Tempura, Aubergine Jars and bread was a great way to compliment the wine we had chosen for ourselves. For some of our mains we picked and chose at the menu, eventually deciding on Seafood Manti, Chicken Gyros, Wild Cod Tsigareli, Grilled Octopus, and Ossobuco. Despite the exotic-sounding names, they were quite tasty and the portions were a good size, in fact, at this stage, we were virtually full.

We pushed through as the food and managed to enjoy some treat of mint teas and Loukoumades and pistachio parfaits for our little dessert treat. For further details on some dishes we had, keep scrolling down!

The jars. MUST ORDER. So delicious and really wish there were more of the crispy pastries to dip in. We went for the Grilled Aubergine with soy and thyme honey Jar and Spicy Tiropita, broken filo pastry, leeks and chillies Jar.

It was mandatory to try out the Greek Salad with cherry tomatoes and rusks. Fresh, sweet and slicked with black olives, crumbled feta and sweet tomatoes. The rusks added the perfect crunch to it all, but at the end of the day, it is still a Greek Salad.

In addition, I had to order the Feta Tempura with lemon marmalade and caper meringue. The Feta fried in black sesame seed tempura batter, with a sweet soft caper meringue and a lemon marmalade. IT WAS DELICIOUS, being a huge cheese fan, so completely bias by that! The idea of mixing two of my favourites which is tempura and cheese was going to be a winning combination for me anyway!

The Wild Cod “tsigareli” at AED 110 served with foraged greens and potato cream was very surprising. Usually, I am rarely impressed with fish platters but the mix of paprika, raisins and pine nuts and everything together in a bite made my palate quite happy. If you are into fish, would definitely recommend this one.

We also had the Orzo Pasta giouvetsi with braised milk-fed Braised veal ossobuco (AED 105). The plate was heavier than we expected. The orzo was slightly too saucy but the veal was greatly cooked falling off the bone beautifully.

Thi grilled octopus with a garden herb potato salad and olive tapenade at AED 175 is THE most expensive dish on the menu. Rather unexpected considering the size of the meal. The octopus was deliciously tender and great to pair with the olive tapenade sauce on the dish, but at this hefty price, some would rather order more hot starters. Among all the mains, the octopus was my favourite.

We had for dessert some Loukoumades (AED 40). Loukoumades are the Greek version of donuts. The dough balls marinated in lavender honey, with cinnamon, walnuts and served with chocolate sorbet.

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