Off-Roading & Canyoning in Wadi Showka w/ Volkswagen

Canyoning in the UAE

Who says you need a big beast car to be able to off-road? Well Volkswagen took us away from the Skyscraper Dubai City to do some off-roading at Wadi Shawka in Ras Al Khaimah. We tested out the VW Tiguan for its 4×4 capabilities along the rocky roads of the wadi!

Along with the amazing VW Middle East Team and few cool Dubai peeps Bijal, Tara & Paris, we geared ourself up to go canyoning with the Adventurati Outdoor UAE guys! There were some basic rock climbing, canyoning and jumping off few meter cliffs in the Wadi Pools!

It was an amazing experience to be able to drive the smooth new car and rough it up on the rocks! Gotta say I usually let the hard work of off-roading to Mitch, but I felt surprisingly confident with the Tiguan to go through the rocky road! Not to mention, my first cannoning experience was a gem, mostly because of Fadi, the founder of Adventurati Outdoors and his colleagues!

How is Canyoning in the UAE?

To be honest, you can’t do it after March. Seriously you would burn under the sun. Okay, some people do it, but personally I wouldn’t after the Middle Eastern heat hits up! Level we were on was quite basic and easy; the difficulty level of these canyons is 1/2 out of 10… can’t wait to go with Mitch on a more challenging one. Good thing with these Adventurati Outdoors guys, you can share your level and they would suggest you the right adventure to jump on!

When is the best time to go Canyoning in the UAE?

Our preference is from December to February as it is not hot and humid, but they are quite available year long to the treks! Just check with them on the dates you want and they will get back to you with something custom!

Do I need to be fit to do from Canyoning?

A minimal good fitness level is required as it is not just a walk in the park! You need no rope skills or technical gear is required. Limited amount of swimming is involved. Depending on the weather, the water is mostly waist deep, other than the major pool at the beginning of the hike, in which by the way you can cliff jump!

How to get to Wadi Showka?

It takes 1 hour drive to Wadi Showka and 1 hour return back to Dubai. To drive closer to the starting point of the trek, you will need a 4×4, or at least a car that can go off-road like the new Volkswagen Tiguan! The Entry-level model, Tiguan S has 17-inch steel wheels, 8 speakers, multi-function display / on-board computer, off-road option and much more… you can check the Volkswagen Middle East product line up here!

  • Have you ever done canyoning before?
  • Do you like to off-road when you have the chance?
  • Did you know a Volkswagen Tiguan could even off-road?!

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Canyoning in the UAE
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