PCR Testing in Singapore: Speedoc comes to your home

With travel slowly starting to re-open, it is still important in making sure you have the correct testing system for your trip. Most countries are still requiring a basic level of supervised testing so you need to make sure you have an expert who helps you navigate the minutiae of documentation. 

We have been on the lookout for a system that allows us to book with speed, accuracy and mixes in with the flow of our busy schedules. For the most part, you have to visit a registered doctor’s office – if you can get a time slot – and then wait to get your test. 

With our limited time schedules, we need someone that can come to us. That is when we discovered Speedoc, an app that allows you to book doctors’ appointments, video consultations, house calls and most importantly for us, Covid Testing at home. There is more than one option for house visits out there, but we chose this one due to its simplicity and quick response times. The prices are fairly similar.

As we are travelling regularly, we need testing that gets back fast, with little waiting time. The Speedoc app allows you to book in minutes, and then have someone meet you to take the Covid ART or PCR test required for work or travel. After entering the information required for the travel documents, you can then select a time and place to make your booking. We had a short break in our day and they are able to come during that time, safely administer the test, and then get the results back to us by the end of the day. 

So as you can see below, it is super simple to navigate and information input is easy. It can be done on your laptop, however, I did it on the phone app.

There is plenty of space to add more information if there is something unique or personal you want to mention to them. This will allow them to be prepared and make sure they have the right person for you.

What happens with Speedoc

The doctor arrives at our door at exactly the suggested time, which was a happy welcome change as we are time-sensitive. He introduces himself and makes sure he is in the right place with the correct people. The next step is that we have all the appropriate documentation on hand. He goes through it on his system and also asks us a few verification questions, standard to make sure we are the ones taking the test and the flight. 

Following this, they get out the testing kit and explain to us how the PCR test works. This is actually reassuring for people who may be anxious and don’t understand the situation well. How they explained actually calmed me down a bit, as I do not enjoy that feeling. They are super slow and gentle and make it as convenient as possible. Once the swab is done, they smile and leave. All you have to do now is live your life until your test results are back in. 

If you are in a real hurry, they also offer express testing which gets back to you in a few hours. Of course, there is a fee for this but it’s well worth it. It is the option we took when we were headed to the USA.

If you are looking for convenience and not wanting to line up and visit docs offices, then Speedoc should definitely be high on your planning list when considering travel!! Reach out to us to know more about Speedoc.

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