Peranakan Afternoon Tea: Four Seasons Hotel Singapore x Candlenut

Candlenut, the world’s first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant is teaming up with Four Seasons Hotel Singapore to launch a specially crafted Peranakan Afternoon Tea at One-Ninety Bar. It is available every weekend during the month of April, May and June 2021.

Malcolm Lee, the Candlenut Chef-Owner works with his Peranakan heritage to create a new menu combining new flavours and also preserving the best parts of the cuisine for all to enjoy.

We arrive as the brunch starts and go with the outdoor seating option. If you reserve, you may also sit inside as well. Water is bought out to the table so we can take off the masks and subsequently get started with the ordering of the dishes.

Peranakan Afternoon Tea: Four Seasons Hotel Singapore x Candlenut

Peranakan Afternoon Tea Bites

The food comes out straight away and instantly takes you on a local Peranakan cuisine journey. To start the journey, plenty of savoury goodness comes out such as Kueh Pie Tee; Otah Toast; Pang Susi; Roti Jala, and who can forget Chef Lee’s Mum’s Signature Chicken Curry.

Then, you get a range of tasty sweets roll out including: Kaya and Butter Toast; Kueh Salat; Kueh Bingkah; Buah Keluak Tart; Chinese-style Butter Cookies; and Lemongrass Cake,

Mitch loves the sweet stuff so he gets most of these. The Butter cookies are incredible and we always love our Kaya Toast fix too, a staple of Singapore.

One of my favourites in an afternoon tea is always the scones. Enjoyed Executive Pastry Chef Audrey Yee’s freshly baked Vanilla and Pandan Scones. This matches up with a Pineapple-Gula Melaka jam, Strawberry-Rose Preserve and Devonshire clotted cream.

Thuymi is much more the savoury one and has only discovered the Roti Jala recently. We didn’t know how good it actually is! The Mum’s Chicken Curry and roti combination is certainly one enjoyable dish in the savoury collection, my favourite, but the Kueh Pie Tee is Thuymi’s winning star of the whole Afternoon Tea set.

Peranakan Themed and Local-inspired Cocktails by Gabriel Carlos from Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Food is only one part of the journey. We had the talented and passionate Bar Manager Gabriel Carlos pair locally inspired cocktails with the food made by Candlenut and Executive Pastry Chef Audrey Yee. There are three cocktails to try, and we suggest giving them all a shot!

The Kopi-O, which is a coffee-infused Vermouth, mixed with a 12-year Auchentoshan Scotch whisky and house cherry liqueur. I love coffee flavoured cocktails and this was no exception. The flavours and spices that come with it as well are unique.

The Pandan Kueh, made with clarified milk punch and Tequila combines the local treats of coconut and Pandan, famous throughout Singapore and Malaysia. With a hint of lychee and chamomile also in there, this drink felt fresh and tasty to quell our thirst in the humid weather.

The Kampong Fizz is a bubbly drink and was the drink we had a mini fight over! With very floral flavours and a citrus gin, this was definitely our favourite drink of the bunch, which we actually had more than one and couldn’t stop arguing on who would get to finish it.

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Peranakan Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

The Weekend Afternoon Tea is priced at S$68 per person, including a choice of craft cocktail and a choice of Candlenut Signature Tea Blend, freshly brewed Lavazza coffee or Gryphon tea. You can also take the alcohol-free option of the Weekend Afternoon Tea at S$48 per person, which includes for drinks a choice of Candlenut Signature Tea Blend, freshly brewed LAVAZZA coffee or Gryphon tea.

The Peranakan Afternoon Tea experience is only available on the weekends of April, May and June 2021 at One-Ninety Bar from 2 PM to 5 PM. We advice you to make a reservation at +65 6831 7671 or email.

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