Titan Fitness Camp: Phuket training for absolutely everyone

Titan Fitness Phuket

Update: They are opening up another Titan Fitness in Portugul in April 2022. So if you are in Europe, you can expect the same quality and experience there.

As you know we travel the world looking for action, adventure and anything to do with moving around as much as possible. Being on the road as a full-time traveller, staying fit and eating well is an extremely difficult activity. So when we get the chance, we try and find somewhere warm and cheap to get fit fast.

The reason I love coming to Phuket and work out is the culture of the fitness street here. I will try to paint a picture of what it actually looks like here. There is one street especially designed for health and fitness, a street of gyms, health food stores, healthy eats and tiny hotel rooms where people stay when they are training on the street. There is something here for every type of fitness lover, from the hardcore to someone making a lifestyle and fitness overhaul.

Titan Fitness is one of the premier fitness camps in the popular Chalong district in Phuket, Thailand. Titan is not like the other gyms in the area.  Many of the gyms on the street focus on Muay Thai, a Thai style of fighting and striking. Titan is a lot more like a fitness camp, with on-site accommodation, a healthy cafe and a wide variety of training areas.

There are a majority of girls who train here approximately, in fact about 65% of clients are female. The type of training is fully dependant on you and you can push yourself as hard or as light as you need to. You can also do as many or as few classes a day. Some people train 4 times and a day while others only once.

We spent one week here to get a feeling of what the place is like and to see if it is something that you will be interested in.

Titan Fitness Phuket

Who is Titan Fitness Camp for?

Titan fitness has much more of a friendly feel when compared to the other options, and the camp is not designed for fighters, unlike other gyms here in Chalong Fitness area of Phuket.

We recommend that if you are interested in training hard, but on your own schedule then this is the place for you. The training is tough but there is a very family feels about the place, which radiates throughout the camp.

Titan Fitness Phuket

Training at Titan Fitness

This is the current Schedule of as End March 2022 – they will be adding more activitoes on as COVID regulations lift. There is still plenty of things to do here, in fact, more than you can handle so dont let this deter you 🙂

Titan Fitness Phuket schedule March 2022

Titan Fitness is one of the largest spaced gyms in Chalong, with a huge 400 square meter warehouse where all the group training is completed. The gym itself is broken into 3 areas – an Indoor 3 floor weights area, an outdoor/indoor workout area and an obstacle course training zone. There are classes all day everyday Monday-Saturday. Sunday is an off day, so there is no scheduled training and gives the body a proper chance to recover.

Buddha Run

Every Thursday morning everyone who has signed up all jump in Taxis and the group heads to the Big Buddha temple. This is perched high on the mountain and the goal is to run/jog/walk to the top. It is a great way to stay fit, have a chat while exercising but the view at the top is truly incredible. You can see all of Phuket from this spot and great for a morning photo.


There is a yoga/stretching session every morning at 7 AM just as the sun is coming up. It is a great chance to stretch out all the sore body parts from the intense training and to prepare you mentally for the day ahead. It is an hour-long session and is certainly worth the early wake-up.

Cross Training

The first workout we had a go at was the cross-training session which was a partner timed exercise. After a comprehensive warm-up, we got stuck into a HIIT (High-intensity interval training) session which really raised a sweat. The level of training was extremely varied but actually not too elite, no one looked out of place. This training is great for everyone because you can train as hard or as easy as you like.

Examples of the Cross Training workouts we did are:

Example 1:  A good solid warm up, sweating lots. After some Single Leg Lunges, we went into a 2 x 10minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats.

Example 2: The Cross Training session contained Rowing, lunges, farmers walk, push-ups and burpees in a team relay battle.

Example 3: CrossFit Games workout 19.5! Thrusters/Burpees reps 33/27/21/15/9 with 43kg thrusters for Mitch and 20kg for Thuymi. It left us feeling exhausted but once again you can go at your own speed and own weights.

Body 360

This workout is an absolutely draining, sweaty session full of bodyweight exercises. They are big classes but they are hugely popular and are well worth it. If you want to work very hard and sweat, then this one raises the heart rate and is exactly what you need.  Be prepared for an entire body workout and sore muscles the next day.

Titan Fitness Phuket

Open Mat Sessions

During certain times of the day, the fitness area is open for anyone to use. You can use the equipment to do your own workout but usually, this time is spent on recovering your body so you can train again in the afternoon.

Calorie Burn Course

One of the most brutal sessions I have ever done but can say that it burnt plenty of calories and was really enjoyable. It was a combination of running, body weight exercises and then we had to an obstacle course which is on site. It is the largest course on the island and is so good for your fitness.

Titan Fitness Phuket

Strength and Technique

Each day, the fitness team will show you one of the major lifts. On Monday we worked on the Deadlift and we were also able to go for some heavier lifts which is great for your body. All of these are done under supervision from qualified instructors as well. We had a day where we worked on squats and another where the focus was strict press. These are slower session but are valuable to learning new skills and working on technique.

Titan Fitness Phuket


The spinning sessions are done as a mix between bikes and body weights exercises. You are working in pairs, spinning and working out simultaneously to burn energy fast, a great way to end the day here.


This is a fitness class with boxing as the focus. You will work on technique but you will also combine with group activities and bodyweight exercises to burn calories.

The Indoor Gym

If you are looking just to lift some weights in a normal gym, then Titan Fitness also have that as well. They have 3 floors of free weights, treadmills, rowers and other equipment for you to use anytime between 7 AM-10 PM. This is a great alternative if you do not like road running, or specifically living weights to add to your circuit training.

Titan Fitness Phuket

Food at Titan Fitness

They have their own cafe and restaurant (Healths Kitchen) which is a great place to sit down and have some healthy food. However, if you are all about food, they also have a wide range of normal food for you to eat as well. The fitness area is not short on local food either so there are plenty of options around you. If you really want to eat clean and healthy, the cafe serves up a wide range of tasty food and it is relatively cheap as well. Make sure you try one of the protein smoothies after you train to help you recover and get ready for the next session. The cafe itself is located next to the training area so you can have a bite to eat straight after each of your sessions, which is super convenient. The area is a communal spot where everyone can get together and talk about workouts and what to go and do in Phuket.

The ethos on food here is something that we are a huge advocate on,  eat quality good clean food, combining this with plenty of HIIT exercise and recovery.

Accommodation at Titan Fitness

There are several hotels in which you can be placed in but all are within 100m from the workout area so it is never far to walk. The closest place is the Little Hill resort which also has a pool in the centre. It is located 30m from the camp training area and next door to the indoor gym. They have accommodation across the road from this as well and you still have access to the hotel pool. We stayed in Dent Station, the accommodation that is only 100m away. The rooms are simple but have everything you need to feel comfortable and cool. Dent station had its own washing machines, something that you will definitely need when working out every day in the heat and sweat of Thailand. To be honest, when you are not training, you are either eating or exploring around so you are really only in your room just to shower and sleep so this room was perfect. We recommend staying at Dent, just because there was a super cute dog that also lives there.

What is around Titan Fitness?

As digital nomads, it is still essential that we have time to get our work done so we found a great cafe to work in, Harlem Cafe. It had large (but expensive) large coffees and fast wifi. It was quiet and we were able to work there. Later in the week, we started working at Health’s Kitchen at Titan, and this was cheaper and better, plus you can see all the training activities as well. A much better option here.

How to get there from the airport

Your best option is to arrange a taxi getting here which will cost you 800 THB one way. There is quite a variance in prices but as of April 2019, you should not be paying more than this.

Renting a bike in Phuket

If you want to explore the island a bit when you are not training, a great way to get around is via a motorbike. They are less than 7 USD a day and all you need is a passport copy and a small deposit. You have the choice that they take your passport or you pay a deposit. I suggest paying your deposit as we do not like people taking our passports overnight or for a week. Also if somehow the bike is damaged or stolen, I do not like the idea of people having my identity card.

Laundry in Phuket

You are sweating so much every day here with your workouts, you will go through your fitness clothes so quickly. But luckily for trainers, there are literally 6 places within 100m of the gym that will do your laundry and clean and dry it to return to you on the same day. The cost is only 40/50 baht (1.50USD) per kilogram and all you do is drop it off and it gets washed, folded and dried.

What else to do around Titan Fitness

You are only limited by your imagination with what to do in Phuket. There is a crocodile park only 5 mins drive away. We loved visiting Old Phuket Town that was full of street food, pop up stores and colourful street art. Chalong Temple is a 5 min ride away and is well worth the trip. Big Buddha, you will experience first hand, and the amazing Rawai Beach is the home of your beach workout session.

Titan Fitness Phuket

Titan Fitness Phuket

Titan Fitness Phuket

Titan Fitness Phuket

Our experience at Titan Fitness Camp

Going to Titan Fitness Camp is a totally different experience to many of the other fitness and health destinations we have been to. We really like that you have so much control over your day to day itinerary. It is one large fitness community and you see everyone there all the time so there are many positive relationships made during your stay there. The trainers are experts in their field and know how hard you need to be pushed.

To give you more of an idea of what the camp is like we hung out with the owner, Kim and asked him some questions to give you guys a better sense of what makes the gym unique and why so many people come back to Titan.

What is the most popular program people choose when coming to Titan?

Most people book the weight loss program and the Transformation program. Most people come here to either get fit and gain muscle or get fit and lose weight and tone up.

What food do you provide for people who are training for weight loss? 

Great question but hard to get a perfect answer as it is very individual. We suggest having a healthy salad for lunch ( just as an example) compared to the people focus on gaining weight would have a heavier lunch. But they eat rather similar meals anyways, its all about eating clean and eating the right amount of food at the right time according to your OWN goals. We always have a consultation for clients on meal plans who have the weight loss or transformation program once they get here in order to assess what approach we should take.

What food do you provide for people who are training for muscle gain?

More carbohydrate focus and fewer salads, again its all about eating clean and eating the right amount of food at the right time. This is also very individual.

What is the average stay of a Titan customer? 

The average stay is 3 weeks but of course, you are welcome to stay for as long or short as you like.  Customers who stay 8 weeks or even 12 weeks get some amazing body transformations.

How often do people train a week at Titan?

It is very individual but I would say people train 2-3 times per day. The first few days you might be a bit sore but that goes away very quickly. A yoga session and 2 classes/ day is ideal for some I have noticed lately. Sundays is always rest day. Some clients also have Thursday afternoon for rest as well.

What is the most popular package that people choose? 

The most popular package is the weight loss program and the transformation program and the so-called fitness package we call it, basically, it includes accommodation, training (unlimited access to classes and gym) 2 meals/day) It is more catered for people who already have a fair knowledge about food and training in general or who are on a budget. The weight loss program is a complete program with all the inclusions you need.
Titan Fitness Phuket

Why would someone choose to come to Titan Fitness as opposed to other places?

It really is such a cool and awesome place and I know we have such a good product. It is a family owned/run business and it has a family vibe at camp as well. People tend to come back for the great and awesome training and also to meet amazing people. I often say it is the people that are here that make the camp so unique, fun, amazing vibes and fun classes!

If you could give advice to people coming to Titan, what would it be?

If you can come for longer than 2 weeks do it, people who stay 4 weeks, in general, get such good results, get so much more fit and basically know what to do on their own once they are back home when it comes to training and eating. Staying longer opens peoples eyes as well, some appreciate what they have a home more as well and leave here with a different perspective on life. If you come for a week or two people often say I wish I stay longer and I don’t want to go home.

Titan Fitness Phuket Titan Fitness Phuket

Titan Fitness Phuket

Titan Fitness Phuket

Titan Fitness Phuket

Titan Fitness Phuket

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