Pixels by Moment Factory onboard the Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas

Pixels by Moment Factory onboard the Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas

Entertainment is very important onboard a cruise ship. Royal Caribbean did not go small by having on board the Moment Factory team from Montreal to produce the great show Pixels, starred on the Ovation of the Seas. Leaving you with the best shots of the show so you can have some memories of it if you have been on the cruise, or to have an idea of what to expect if you are planning a trip onboard the RC Ovation of the seas.

The show is described as “Art meets technology in this epic fusion of live performance, music and experimental cinematography. Pixels will show you how to view the world through a whole new filter.”

How to Attend Pixels

To be able to watch Pixels, you must use your Cruise Planner as Reservation Required to attend the show. It is free so no worries!

Onboard Show Review of Pixels

First of all, the show is presented at the tip of the ship at the venue known as Two70. The open space seems nothing like a theatre than host a great show but actually can transform itself perfectly to host an actual great show, something we did not expect at all. The design of that public space is the same onboard of the Quantum of the SeasAnthem of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas, the latest being the one on which we sailed from Sydney to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and New Zealand. Pixels is a show that has been around for a few years, not the latest show of 2019 but rarely do you get to see the two same shows when you attend cruise as you are most likely to try different ships and itineraries!

You must sign up and book it in advance as places are limited considering space is optimized and no extra guests can sit just like that anywhere in the stands. Our recommendation is to book the first day on your cruise or even prior. This is a general rule of thumb of cruising anyway for booking all of your excursions and activities anyway!

With a show name like Pixels, you are likely to assume that technology will be the star of the show. With a lot of machinery, lighting, sound and the crew, the whole show was actually better than what the first minute gave us the impression of how it would be. I was expecting something cheesy and not really impressive, but as the show kept going, I enjoyed more and more the integration of the technology and its effects with the whole show. Pixels sure delivered us the Royal Caribbean reputation we have heard of about delivering great entertainment on cruises it runs around the world.

Part of the main act, are the six LED television screens mounted on robot arms which are “The Robots”. Their involvement was just enough to make sure we wouldn’t find the show tacky or boring and had just the right presence when needed. Pixels features mainly a lot of dancing and singing of popular music in their own little twist to make the show run smoothly. You will be able to recognize the tunes quite quickly!

The Robots choreography along with the whole show is pretty cool but is for sure is a hit a miss whether you are an older or younger audience. Not all will have the same opinion for sure on how much the robots would be impressive for them! Although the show has a good mix between singing, musicals and circus acts to keep everyone happy and at least have a single wow moment! The whole storyline of the show was for me personally quite confusing, I didn’t really feel there was a story or something other than just a show.

For the best view, make sure you arrive early and secure a seat in the centre of the room or maybe in the second tier above to get a panoramic view of everything. Seats are not booked in advance for you when you book the show so it is first come first served.

Have a good show! If you have been on this ship and have watched this show, let us know what you like the most and what you think could be improved!

Pixels by Moment Factory onboard the Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas
Drinks are available at the show
Pixels by Moment Factory onboard the Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas
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