From LA to Singapore: 800° Woodfired Kitchen, a first in Southeast Asia

From LA to Singapore: 800° Woodfired Kitchen, a first in Southeast Asia

800° Woodfired Kitchen is an international chain renowned for authentic woodfired pizza and succulent rotisserie chicken, which boasts Miami Heat mega-stars Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem as franchise owners. It is making its debut in Southeast Asia, brought over by Deelish Brands and located in the East of Singapore at KINEX Mall

Deelish Brands concepts are known for using only halal certified ingredients and so it goes for their latest addition of 800 Woodfired Kitchen. 

Not your average fast-food pizza experience

Every 800° Woodfired Kitchen’s pizza starts with the best Neapolitan flour. You then get to choose your base, which include the classic red sauce margherita, a homemade pesto (verde sauce) or, maybe, no sauce at all (bianca) is also an option you can go for.

The pizzas are hand stretched and you can get quality mozzarella cheese, including fresh mozzarella balls that are hand torn onto each pie. 

With the myriad of homemade toppings, 800° Woodfired Kitchen’s pizzas can be customized the way you like without the restrictions of having to choose what’s on the menu.
Each pizza is then cooked in a handmade Italian woodfired pizza oven at nearly 800 degrees Fahrenheit, hence the name of the brand. At this temperature, each pizza only take under 3 minutes to cook and is infused with the delicious flavours of apple wood. The pizza crusts have that classic Neapolitan leopard print pattern. Neapolitan pizzas are thin and light so if you load it up with toppings, they are better eaten with a knife and fork. Finish off your pizza with some fresh burrata or a heaping of arugula.

Custom made pizza or Choose from the menu options

If you want to make it simple and rather not picking your own pizza toppings, 800° Woodfired Kitchen has you covered with a range of specialty pizzas. From Philly Cheesesteak, a Spicy Meatball, a chicken pesto, a BBQ chicken to the amazing Tartufo, a truffle mushroom pie.

If you like chicken 800° Woodfired Kitchen also offers rotisserie chicken. Weighing 1.3kg, each bird is marinated for 2 days with their blend of herbs and spices. Rotisserie chicken portions are from quarter bird, half bird, a whole bird, or get 2 whole birds… well as much birds as you wish actually!

Many sauces are available for the chicken, from Homemade Ranch, Pesto Ranch, Truffle Ranch, Buffalo, Smokey BBQ to Peruvian Green.

If you feel like you need sides to complete you meal, there are options of butter rice, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and buttered corn. A range of salads including the classic burrata and caprese salads are also available.

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