Plan Your Journey: Charter Private To Berlin Airport Schönefeld

Berlin Airport

Many people travel to Berlin, Germany’s capital, each and every year. Visitors are attracted to this dynamic and exciting city for a variety of reasons, including its world-renowned culinary scene, wild nightlife, enviable arts and museums, and fascinating history. Many more come for business, as this is one of the world’s most important financial and economic centres.

More and more travellers are realising just how convenient, affordable, and luxurious charter flights to Schönefeld can be. Rather than arriving harried and frazzled in a ‘cattle class’ commercial airline, you can arrive in Berlin refreshed and on time.

Comparing the different airports in Berlin

Irrespective of why you are visiting Berlin, you will land at one of its 2 airports – Schönefeld (SFX) or Tegel (TXL). Tegel is the most commonly used airport for international flights, with Lufthansa, Air Canada, British Airways, United Airlines, and Emirates all using this as their local hub. Tegel is 9 km/ 5.6 miles from Berlin Mitte (the central area), located to the northwest of the city.

That said, for a lot of travellers, Berlin Schönefeld (located in the southeast) is the better choice. Though it is further from Berlin Mitte at 23.4 km /14.5 miles away, it is a modern and stylish choice. It is also the more common choice for people who are arriving via charter flights, as well as the many budget airlines and low cost carriers within Europe.

No matter which airport you choose, both Tegel and Schönefeld are serviced by 24/7 S-Bahn trains. It costs approximately €40-45 to take a taxi to Mitte from Schönefeld, and approximately €20-25 from Tegel. There are also a variety of hotels found both inside and nearby to both airports.

There is currently a ‘state of the art’ airport being constructed in Berlin, and it will be called Willy Brandt – Brandenburg Berlin Airport (BER). It has been delayed many times, but is currently scheduled to open in 2020 (though some doubt that it will ever open!). There is also the iconic Tempelhof Airport in the area (THF), which opened in 1923 but has not been in use since 2008.

Charter flights to Berlin Schönefeld are fast and convenient

Whether you are travelling to Berlin for business or leisure (or a combination of both), there are many different benefits to arriving via charter flights.

When you are arriving for business, there is a hot demand for flexible and fast travel arrangements. This is particularly important when you have a series of meetings taking place at different locations around the continent (or beyond) over a short time span. When it comes to fulfilling these tight time demands, nothing is better than a charter flight.

You can make changes to your itinerary, get from point A to point B at lightning speed, and arrive on time far more often. Your efficiency will improve, and you will get more done on a tighter time schedule. This is even more beneficial when you have multiple meetings over the course of just one day.

Charter flights can save you money – and stress

When people think about charter flights, they often associate this method of travel with high costs and increased budgets. This is not always possible for individuals and businesses alike, and so people can often ignore the option before they even investigate a quote.

However, charter flights can actually save you money! Yes, you read that correctly. Sending 10 business people to two or three different meetings in Business Class on a commercial airline can cost tens of thousands of euros – if not more. That’s not to mention all of the time that you save!

On the other hand, chartering a private plane can make a lot more financial sense. You only pay one set cost, and you have a lot more flexibility and ability to make changes – something that is a reality in the business world. Changes happen, and a charter flight can accommodate you without piling on loads of extra fees.

You’ll reduce your stress on the logistical side of things, but you’ll also increase your comfort and relaxation. A dedicated in-flight team is there to cater to your needs, and you don’t have to join massive queues or arrive 3 hours early.Business travel without stress? It’s possible.

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