Press Release: Martell launches the Noblige in Singapore

An exceptional VSOP, Martell Noblige is the heart of the brand’s global Be The Standout Swift. This is the campaign that is inspired by the swift, the bird that is the emblem of the House. To mark the launch of Martell Noblige in Singapore on 4 October, the brand has created the Swift Flights of Fancy Tour — a daring mixological adventure with key partner bars across Singapore to celebrate the Standout Swift.

From 4 October to 31 December 2021, experience unique cocktails crafted especially for Martell Noblige
by over 10 of Singapore’s most recognised bars including Nemesis, No Sleep Club, The Secret Mermaid
and Capital Kitchen just to name a few. We checked out a few of these bars to taste the special cocktails made from each place.

The Martell Noblige launch hit a high note in November with a series of intimate parties at sea onboard a
67ft luxury yacht — audaciously taking this bold cognac to the high seas with an exclusive guest list that
embodies the Standout Swift ethos. We were invited to the press event on the yacht to taste some of the drinks, learn more about VSOP and enjoy the night away with friends.

Swift Flights of Fancy Tour
– From 4 October to 31 December 2021
– A daring mixological adventure with over 10 of Singapore’s most recognised bars
– Each bar has its own specially crafted unique cocktails using Martell Noblige
– Participating bars for December 2021:
– Astor Bar- Bar @ Lorong 13- Capital Kitchen- Honcho- Madame Fan- No Sleep Club- Studio 1939- Taboo- The Secret Mermaid

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