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Well being feature

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Travel mention

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We love to share our story and philosophy in Travel, Adventure and Sports. We want to spread storie and words about sustainability in travel, breaking the fear of travel and health an wellness. Don’t be shy to reach out if you want to quote us on a subject or interview us about our travels and knowledge.


Freelance Writing & Photography

We are freelance Travel Photographers and writers working with some media outlets providing high-quality visuals and unique stories. If you are interested in having us on your website (we also ghostwrite and website content), magazine or newspaper, reach us out to [email protected]


Press events

Things To Know Before You Travel to Vietnam

ITE HCMC 2019: Travel Expo in Ho Chi Minh City

ITE HCMC Celebrates Landmark 15th Edition Of Being The Influencing Force Shaping Global Travel Patterns. With an expected 350 exhibitors, 300 hosted buyers and 40 hosted international media, the largest and…

Go At the Top of the Burj Khalifa

Once upon a time, a great mind in Dubai decided to create a meet-up group around Twitter. He called them TweetUpDXB. Bringing the community back to life, TweetUpDXB team finally…

AdventureFaktory - EatCleanME

Event: EatCleanME.com launch @ Nadi Al Quoz

EatClean.com is a bespoke healthy food ordering and wellness platform that simplifies healthy living like never before, concentrating Dubai’s healthy food outlets under one channel. We have been waiting for…