Romantic Dinner on the grill at SKIRT, W Singapore

Located at the W Singapore on Sentosa, SKIRT offers one of the premium grilled meat experiences in Singapore. It is a place where succulent cuts and sustainably sourced seafood are prepared for your dining pleasure. Entering via the W Singapore lobby, there are art pieces and colours everywhere to keep your eyes entertained. Beware the water walkway, it is beautiful but if you are not paying attention you may even fall in 🙂 You can choose to be seated inside or outside facing the water. We took the inside table as we had been outside during the day, so if it is a bit cooler, go for the outside table.

SKIRT at W Singapore Sentosa
SKIRT at W Singapore Sentosa

The best way to start the night is by sampling the bar menu. The drinks that they have a range of “shaken not stirred items starting from ($S16). If you are looking for something unique to the hotel, go to the “Skirtini” classic ($S16.)

In terms of the eating menu, we decided to go with the staff-recommended option, which is the Grazing Menu. This menu comes as a set menu and will set you back ($S196) for 2 people. This is a reasonable amount for what you are about to eat and absolutely perfect for a romantic dinner. The Grazing Menu comes with three starters, a choice of main to share and a dessert. There is a fair bit of flexibility in the menu so be sure to ask questions about what pairs best with what.

The starters, naturally, are the first to arrive on the table and we are greeted with Parilla grilled patron peppers with pink Himalayan salt and lemon vinaigrette as our first dish. Now eating peppers has never been something that appeals to us, however, these are exceptional. There is very little spice, the flavour is sour but not overwhelming and tastes delicious.

Starter two is the Housemade hummus, mint and snap peas slaw, chilli and grilled sourdough. Hummus is always a favourite of ours, perhaps there could be more sourdough bread as we didn’t want to waste any of the hummus. The chilli gives it a little kick, but not overwhelming and super tasty with the bread.

The final starter to arrive is the Grilled crawfish with chimichurri and coriander leaves. The strong Chimichurri complements the dish perfectly and was the one that was eaten quickest. After receiving tools to cut through the shell, the meal is demolished in a hurry.

SKIRT at W Singapore Sentosa

Now being time for mains, you get a choice of the following:

The Flat Iron Fillet with Confit garlic puree OR Chargrilled free-range chicken with spices and preserved lemons, which is Served with grilled broccoli. Us being little carnivores, decided to go with their famous dish, and the chef’s selection, the Flat Iron Fillet. Cooked to medium perfection, the Flat Iron fillet is a cut we actually have not tried before. We are lucky we were recommended it as it is so tender. The puree really lends itself to mixing with all the fillet juices for an incredible flavour.

SKIRT at W Singapore Sentosa

And how can you not have a fine dining experience without a quality dessert to end it off? We enjoyed the Ovaltine Kufli treat that has a caramelised banana, caramel popcorn and clotted cream which is a great contrast and smoothes out the dish. In fact, I could have asked for another scoop of the cream 🙂

In terms of other eating options, they are famous for their Parrilla Grill, so eating here will be maximised if you try a dish from that menu. If meat isn’t your thing, their main menu has many pasta and seafood options that look tantalisingly good. They take reservations from everyone, not just people in the hotel, and they book out fast. If you are looking for a romantic dinner, then SKIRT may be for you 🙂

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