Travel to Moscow with the Luxurious Afternoon Tea at the Iconic Raffles Hotel Singapore

Afternoon Tea in Singapore at Raffles Hotel Singapore

Without travel being possible this year, we are always for the lookout for something different to try and travel through food and cocktail experiences. One of the unique ways to travel around the world whilst being in Singapore is to attend the Raffles Hotel Singapore‘s series of thematic Afternoon Tea. So why not travel to Moscow with the Afternoon Tea at Raffles Hotel Singapore?

The Raffles Hotel Singapore is known as one of the very few remaining 19th Century built grand hotels in the world. It is even more beautiful on the inside than on the outside. This means an afternoon tea is in order for you to be able to have a sneak peek inside!

Until March 14 don’t miss the opportunity to travel all the way to Russia via the Moscow Afternoon Tea with tasty treats and speciality cocktails that are Russian inspired and fitted for the spread of culinary goodies.

The concept of the new afternoon tea is to take guests to enjoy culinary flavours from major cities around the world. It is based around an interchanging International theme for the afternoon tea.

Their motto is that if you can’t travel, then they will take travel to you with all of these different countries themes. Raffles have already run a Vienna edition and the Tokyo theme is coming up after the current one.

How does the Afternoon Tea work?

As you walk in you are greeted and seated in the Grand Lobby, with a beautiful chandelier over the top and staff from the hotel around to make sure your journey is exceptional. Make sure you reserve in advance as you never know if the moment you want to enjoy the afternoon tea will be crowded or not. More so during COVID times, it is always safer to always book in advance your plans to make sure you don’t miss out, but also to encourage the F&B industry to be able to plan in advance occupancy. We are all about encouraging the best for both sides!

Moscow Afternoon Tea at The Raffles Hotel Singapore

You can expect to be treated for an exclusive range of Russian treats, tasty Scones with Jam and Cream and a range of goodies from the Executive Chef Tai Chien Lin. 

Coming out is a 3-Tier platter, full of savoury and sweet options so you are not short of any options. In the afternoon Tea, we have some Kristal Caviar and Smoked Salmon Blinis, Black Sesame Seed bagels, Rye Bread and Beet Caviare. There are also plenty of sweet treats too. They provide Russian Apple Shalotka, Cranberry Kissel, Moloko and more. 

We also have access to Unlimited Scones – Jam and British cream – this one, of course, are my go-to dishes in all afternoon teas and I will eat it every chance I can get!! These ones taste terrific and ordered several of them.

Drinks at Raffles Grand Lobby Afternoon Tea?

If you are feeling a little thirsty, the Moscow Afternoon Tea experience allows you to choose a special selection of handcrafted, specialized cocktails. The choices include Post Imperial Kir ($25++), a fruity and bubbly concoction made with Champagne, gin, raspberry, cherry and orange; Babushkiny Luchshiye ($20++), which is a blend of rum, apple, beet, milk, tea and citrus; and Tarragon Tat’yana ($25++), containing vodka, vermouth, sake and tarragon. 

How much is Raffles Grand Lobby Afternoon Tea?

The Moscow Afternoon Tea experience is priced at SG $88++ per guest and is offered alongside the signature Classic Afternoon Tea. Note that reservations for the Moscow Afternoon Tea experience must be made a day in advance.

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 1 PM to 5 PM, Friday to Sunday: 12 PM to 6 PM. Writers Bar Handcrafted Cocktails will be served from 5 PM daily. 
Where: The Grand Lobby, Raffles Hotel Singapore, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673 
Dress code: Casual Chic (No shorts and slippers) 

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