Should you pause from exercising on vacation?

Travel and fitness

Our honest answer is NO! At the end of the day, it’s your body, “You do You”. From a health perspective and from our lifestyle, we pledge to still workout daily whilst on vacation.

Why stop because it is now finally the long summer vacation you’ve been waiting for? Why sacrifice all that hard work you’ve done on working out regularly, eating great and looking fabulous? Most importantly, it would be terrible to lose  all those gains and results you’ve worked on.

How it really works

You don’t get fit from the workout, You get fit from the whole journey and what comes after the series of workouts and the healthy eating journey. Hence, if you so leave a week behind, this brings you back terrifically. By working out in a regular basis, you let your body time to recover and shape into what you want. By keeping the paste, your body gets stronger and you can do everything better such as running for longer, lifting heavier weights, getting less tired in some circuits, etc.

 Just make sure your body has the time to completely recover between workouts, hence perhaps you could reduce the intensity or duration of your workout during your vacation, but don’t give it up.

Do I keep the same workout routine?

At the end of the day, it’s your vacation. It won’t hurt anyone to take a break from your regular routine, but make sure to build an alternative one to stay active during your travels. Then when you will be back home and to your regular workout routine, you won’t feel like you dropped of strength and won’t be sore!

What if I want to take a break, how long should be my workout break?

This is different to everyone depending on how hard you’ve been working out on a regular basis. The break should be the length you need to let all signs of fatigue go away. You have to make sure it’s not long to the point you lose your current fitness level. Unfortunately, there is no fitness-o-meter, so you will need to find this duration out by experience!

Enjoy your time off to the max!

If you are not training, you can find fun alternatives because you are travelling right? Do so kayaking, climbing, hikes! Stay active during your travels and find fun activities that will make you enjoy the country you are visiting even more!

What the diet!

We can’t stop making enough of a point that to stay fit, you need a good diet! This means when travelling, don’t go to crazy on food and try to stay on the healthy side with good foods such as fresh fish, tons of veggies and eat some fruits to get some sugars in! Don’t avoid delicious food, cheat meals during vacation is fine, but it’s all about moderation and eating just the right portions. The worse is to over eat the wrong foods! Eating clean is a good way to stay in the shape you left your home before vaca and staying consistent with your nutrition will prevent your body of feeling a shock and gaining all of it!

Time to go to vacation! No matter the destination you end up choosing, enjoy every single moment of it and stay active!


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