Singapore Brunches: SO/ Sofitel Saturday’s Giant Tower of Food, meet the Mother of All Towers

Singapore Brunches: So/Sofitel Mother of all towers

Weekends in Singapore are often about finding the best brunch and enjoying the company, so we are always on the lookout for good quality and great deals; The SO/ Sofitel Brunch on Saturdays is a great blend of pricing and quality food and more importantly, quality drinks for hours with friends. Emphasis on quality because the drinks are very well done here.

The brunch is basically 3 tiers of decedent goodness all in a tower, not to mention the 2 plates of tasty Seafood Platter that arrives right next to the tower on arrival. The whole spread is fit for a King, or in our case, several Kings and Queens. Now the towers themselves come in different sizes; big enough for 2-3 people and the 4-5 person options. We chose the latter, of course, being 5 at the table.

The platters are designed to be shared, so with the current sittings of only 5 people, this brunch is absolutely perfect. We had a group of 2 guys/3 ladies and there was more than enough food and drink for us all. We actually even had some leftovers and were able to ask to bring it away as we absolutely don’t agree with food wastage. If you can take the leftovers, for us, it is a very important aspect. Note that at times, it is very normal to sign a waiver if you do bring food back due to health and safety protocol.

The bottom (and largest) plater has egg frittata, cold cuts, calamari rings, bacon, rocket leaves, avocado toasts and plenty of cheese for all. There was also nice salmon cuts and tomatoes to really balance out the flavours. 

The second smaller layer has a few bigger items such a pork knuckle, chicken satays, nachos with chilli con Carne and cheese sauce, sauerkraut and beef cuts. This was personally my favourite layer as the pork and beef were top class. 

The top layer, and the last to be touched, is the desserts layer. Find a plethora of fresh fruit and the centre of it all, a pancake stack with an ice-cream cone planted on top of it. It took us a whole hour to get to the top layer, but the ice-cream and pancakes were still ready and awaiting us. Lots of the ice cream melted so maybe you can get stuck into it earlier.

The seafood comes with Boston Lobster, tiger prawns, scallops, oysters and are great compliments to the tower if you are into fresh seafood.

One of the best aspects of the brunch is the bottomless booze! Free flow alcohol for several hours while enjoying the food. Coming around on a regular clip is the Gin cart, full of cocktail concoctions and creativity everywhere. The mixologist surprised us with a few secret recipes of his own. Overall it was a great brunch, plenty of value for money and guaranteed great times.

SO/ Brunch Tower

Medium Tower S$88++ (per tower / serves 2-3) | Large Tower S$178++ (per tower / serves 4-5)

The Mother of All towers

Medium Tower S$138++ (per tower / serves 2-3) | Large Tower S$268++ (per tower / serves 4-5)

Loaded Seafood Platter

Price: S$138++ (per platter / serves 2-4)
What: 1 piece of Boston lobster (approx. 500gm) 300gm Tiger Prawns
300gm Mussels, 6 Hokkaido Scallops, 1 Dozen Pacific Oysters. All Poached & Served On Ice.

SO/ Meaty Platter

Price: S$120++ (per platter / serves 2-3)
What: 300gm Garlic Soy Glazed Australian Grain Fed Ribeye served with Shallots, Chives & Natural Jus 300gm Homemade Salt & Herb Rubbed, Roasted Pork Belly.Roasted Half Spring Chicken with Natural Jus, All served on a bed of Summer Vegetables & Warm Potato Salad.

SO/ Bottomless Xperience

Price: S$48++ per person
What: Add 2 hours Free-Flow House Beer, Wine & Prosecco , includes 2 hours Free-Flow Gin Cart & Taittinger Brut Additional $20++ per person

Xperience Restaurant: 35 Robinson Road, Singapore, 068876 7:30AM-8:30PM Daily. For reservations, contact +65 6701 6800 or via [email protected]

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