Destroy things and release your anger at Smash Room Dubai

SmashRoom Dubai

Ever had such a bad day where all you wanted to do was go and break stuff? One of those days when you don’t want to wake up? A place with no boundaries and no rules? Well there is a new place in Dubai that allows to you get rid of all that pent up anger and frustration in the best way possible, by smashing stuff!

The Smash Room DXB is a brand new concept and is exactly as it sounds. You go into a room and smash everything you can get your hands on. Surely you have had moments where you want to throw a plate into a wall or destroy an old television. You can even bring in your things you want to destroy from home.

Don’t worry, safety first. Protective wear such as helmets with face guards, gloves, and chest protective gear will be given to customers. Before arrival you will be notified to wear closed toed shoes.

Here is the price list of what you can do and for how much.

How To Book Smash Room

You can book by calling them at +971-58-198-2323 or visit their website It is located in Al Quoz Industrial 4, opposite Marina Homes and next to Good Year. It is open weekdays 11AM to 10PM and weekends from 9AM-11PM! For visitors, don’t forget that weekends in Dubai are Fridays & Saturdays!

Come on, now it’s your turn to book ing. Surely you have just a little bit of frustration that you need to get out. Instead of screaming at your boss, be grumpy at your loved one; go to the Smash Room and release all those feeling that you have hidden during the week!

How much does the Smash Room cost?

Two To Tango (30 mins) | 299AED (~80$US)
The Big Bang (1 hour) | 249AED (~67$US)
Smash & Dash (30 mins) | 149AED (~40$US)
The Quickie (30 mins) | 99AED (~27$US)
Bring Yo Box (30 mins) | 75AED (~20$US)

Note that this is not the full price list. You can chose sizes, 8 small items, 2 medium items, electronics etc, check out their website and give them a call for more details!

Ma'a as-salaama

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