Specialty Coffeehouse in Dubai at Kava and Chai

Looking for a comforting afternoon coffee or an energizing breakfast? You need to look no further. Head to one of Kava and Chai’s several locations around Dubai and enjoy specialty coffees and healthy snacks – you won’t regret it.

I had the pleasure of visiting Kava and Chai’s DIFC branch, a cozy corner in the mist of skyscrapers and offices. I love my coffee. By love, I mean I drink coffee five to seven times a day and completely refuse to settle of a badly prepared cup of joe. With that in mind, after a long day in the office, I was looking forward to being revitalized by one of the cafe’s many options of specialty takes on my favorite drink.

I was excited from the moment I set foot inside Kava and Chai. There’s nothing more motivating than a beautiful interior, that is able to tell a narrative from its very color palette and decor. With turquoise walls populated with artwork, I can only describe this cafe in one manner: Instagrammable as hell. First things first, I took tones of photos (don’t blame me, I am only human) and felt ready to indulge into delicious caffeine.

A spectacle of its own, the preparation of the coffee had me dazzled. I not only enjoyed drinking my coffee, but for eight exact minutes I watched it being prepared in professional and science-like glass apparatus that would impress even Bill Nye. I know that the obvious choice would have been to opt for a cup of chai, but I could not resist a plain cup of filtered black coffee and definitely did not regret my decision. 

Alongside my coffee, I chose to eat an avocado chicken salad and chicken sandwich. The dishes were prepackaged, but that did not take away from the flavors and I enjoyed every healthy bite. I am not big on desserts, but Kava and Chai’s large array of options had me tempted and I tried both the apple pie and brownie. The sweets were filling and perfect for a late afternoon snack. 

My take on Kava and Chai is that this is a great cafe to enjoy a relaxing bite and soothing environment after a long day of work. Or an ideal neighbourhood spot to end you weekend on a good note. Will definitely recommend to anyone who asks. Especially the coffee. Did I mention the coffee?


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