Spend a full day at the Palace Downtown in Dubai

Palace Downtown

With the hustle and bustle of Dubai, we get tired so quickly and often seek to escape. Escapes don’t always need to be via a stay-cation, it can also be a full day of being treated like royalty. The Palace Downtown itself has so much to offer in terms of relaxation and restaurants, that you should plan a full day there to immerse yourself into another world.

Start the day right with a good relaxing session at the spa. Dubai is a jungle of great spas and finding a new one to try isn’t always easy considering there are so many available! The Palace Downtown is known for so many facets of its hospitality that we had to go the the spa there.

Where is the Palace Downtown?

Even though you are visiting the spa, make sure you spend some time to walk around the Palace to check it out. Seriously, the view here of the Burj Khalifa watching over the fountain show is as good as you will see!

The Wellness Spa

We were about to travel overseas again (after I went and snapped my ACL) so we really wanted to kickstart our holiday in a relaxing manner, so we got massages arranged. We had the hope of refreshing up again before we spent another month away from each other and on the road.

First of all to set the scene, this location really has a palatial feel to it. When you walk through, it feel like there is no end to the grandeur. The whole spa area covers two floors and is huge in size. As we went in we were greeted with some herbal tea.

After refreshments of the highest order, we were escorted to separate rooms to change in. The changing rooms are as big as a house and include Relaxation areas, Jacuzzi and amazing rainfall showers. Make sure you allocate some extra time in there after your spa experience to enjoy a little more quiet time. These facilities are complimentary when you book a spa so to maximise your cost, ensure you spend at least an hour to pamper yourself.

The treatment selections are quite various from massages, facials, wraps, you name it. We went for the Signature Massages list, as they personally recommend us which one we should try according to our life and how our bodies are feeling.

Thuymi, who has been traveling so much, opted for the Jetlag Massage which is one for the “weary traveller seeking relief and rest, stimulating essential oils with rosemary, pink grapefruit and juniper berry coax the body into a balmy slumber”, Thuymi certainly fit this mould. I was extremely sore from my knee so I needed something a little more hardcore with an Intensive Muscle Release Massage which uses “trained hands and perfect strokes usher tension and stress away with a massage that instantly relieves pain and tension.” Now that sounded exactly like what I needed.

The spa had a variety of aromas set up so when we walked in to the facility they instantly calmed us down. All the lights are dim and the first thing they do is give you the best foot massage of your life! You also get to choose your own music that you want to relax to!! How cool is that?

We would recommend this place if you wanted to spoil someone with a romantic present, or if you’re traveling through Dubai and want to experience luxury first hand. Here are the spa options so you can have a glimpse at what massage you will want to do when you arrive. They will assist you if you are unsure of what to get.

Opening hours: 9 am to 10 pm
Location: Ladies’ spa on level 2; Men’s spa on level 1 | Palace Downtown
Bookings: +971 4 428 7805 | [email protected] [email protected]

Afternoon Tea

Following our relaxation session, we headed down to the lobby area, where was situated the whole set up for afternoon tea. Usually we are reluctant to have tea in lobby areas as it is too close to the entrance, too many people walking around and sometimes you don’t feel any privacy especially for an afternoon tea session. ON this occasion we were pleasantly surprised. Read more about the afternoon tea at the Palace Downtown experience.Afternoon Tea Palace Downtown

A full day at the Palace Downtown is always well spent. There is plenty to do and although the decor is palatial, you can feel quite comfortable to be able to spend a long time there without being a stranger. If any of you don’t want to spend the night, the place is just as enjoyable to spend only the full day there and indulge on sweets plus their amazing hospitality.

Ma'a as-salaama

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