SUP Fitness for girls @ RIVA Beach Club

We are always looking for new things to do in Dubai and share with you the coolest things to experience and do to stay in great shape, but most importantly, be happy as an Expat or Visitor in this great city.

This week, we are happy to introduce you to SUP Gurls, a group work-out class specifically for girls on paddle boards. The program is powered by the Ignite Surface team located at RIVA Beach on the Dubai Palm, that are known to offer several kayaking/paddle boarding activities, but also to have organized SUP Sisters in the past.

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What is SUP Gurls?

The name describes it well – it’s for girls and I showed up with Mitch that ended up having to jump on a Kayak to stroll around the waters and stalking us while going through our great instructor’s SUP session, Krissy.

The Stand-Up Paddleboard fitness class is just perfect for any levels of paddlers. If you haven’t tried before, they will make sure to teach you few basics before going on the actual lesson, so if you never did SUP before, make sure to arrive a bit in advance to get assistance and tips.

Krissy then brings you out to the waters to paddle to the other side on the beach for some stretches. During the whole session you will be paddling around, doing several exercises that will work incredibly on your balance, endurance and cardio.

Warm-up after a short paddle to the other side of the beach
Warm-up after a short paddle to the other side of the beach

Get ready for some squats, push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, planks and much more!

I thought going to the gym regularly wouldn’t make me sore from the session, but the day after, every muscle of my body was aching. Doing exercises on a stable ground versus on a paddle board makes a whole big difference!

When: SUP Gurls classes are every Friday/Sunday morning at 9.00am and Tuesdays at 6.30am

Costs: 120 AED (33$US)/session – 5-session package for AED 550 can be purchased and will provide a 20% discount on all food and drink at Sophie’s.

Address: Building 8, The Shoreline Palm Jumeirah Dubai, 75870 Dubai, UAE
Contact: If you are interested, contact Krissy at [[email protected]] she is such a great mind!

Thank you to Tom for the amazing pictures! (Edited by AF)

Krissy, our instructor rocking the plank on the board
Krissy, our instructor rocking the plank on the board

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