Meet Thais Kelly

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
She works as a Relationship Manager for GuavaPass Dubai
Thais has been to 13 countries

Instagram: thaiskellyy follow for fitness shots, travel pictures and a lot of adooooooorable pictures of my pug.

Countries Visited

Americas: USA (California – lived there for 3 years; New York; Houston; Las Vegas), Brazil
Europe: Greece, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom, France
Asia: Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka
Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia

Fun Facts

Essential travel item:
First and foremost: cameras – as many cameras as I can make fit in my luggage. I have a polaroid camera and a DSLR, also a few funky lenses for my iPhone. My laptop is also a must, as I normally work from wherever in the world I am. Oh, and great music!

Favorite holiday spot:
Home – that being Brazil. It doesn’t matter where in Brazil I am, the country is so massive it’s easy to feel like you’re in several different countries in one. But home is home, it’s the place to find peace and recharge your energies. Plus, Brazil is an awesome place!

Favorite holiday activity:
I lead an insanely active life in Dubai, considering I work for a fitness start up and working out is part of the job description. So when I am on holiday, I love to slow down and read – just enjoy a good book. Also, some yoga with an insane view is always something to look forward to.

The one place you really want to go visit:
Oh, this is a hard one! I think Liverpool is one of my dream destinations just to walk down the same streets the Beatles did – yes, I am a Beatlemaniac! Also, Hogwarts, but haven’t been able to find plane tickets to go there..

Best piece of advice for a traveler :
Be present. Enjoy every minute like that is the only minute you’ve got. Forget your troubles, responsibilities and worries back home, live that moment.

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