Discover Milanese Cocktail Culture With Campari’s Negroni at InterContinental Singapore

The InterContinental Negroni: Discover The Milanese Cocktail Culture With Campari

Available exclusively until February 28th

InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts collaborates and Campari has partnered up to launch a series of Sala Spiritello pop up across South East Asia, where you will be able to enjoy the brand-new InterContinental Negroni, created exclusively by Campari’s Regional Brand Ambassador for South East Asia, Symphony Loo. So if you like Negroni, it will be worth it to give it a try! Personally, I’ve struggled with the Negronis but with the Jasmine Tea, Coffee, Orange and Chocolate Bitters, I really enjoyed this special Negroni by Symphony Loo.

My inspiration stems from the go-to gifts such as locally-sourced coffee beans, tea and chocolate that we bring home to friends and families when travelling within South East Asia. Taste profile of the drink includes floral notes, coffee, hint of saltiness and citrus,” shared Symphony Loo. 

How does the Milanese Cocktail Culture experience work?

Join the participating hotels to experience the Milanese culture and rituals of aperitivo and digestivo, through a series of masterclasses and suite experiences led by Campari’s regional brand ambassadors.

At the InterContinental Singapore, you will be hosted by Brand Ambassador David Yeung. The Sala Spiritello programme will be running at the Lobby Lounge at InterContinental Singapore until the 28th of February 2021.

The star of the menu is the InterContinental Negroni – Sala Spiritello edition, made of Campari, Cinzano Bianco, Cinzano Rosso, Bulldog Gin, Olive Brine, Jasmine Tea, Coffee Orange and Chocolate Bitters.

If you are going to bring some friends, no worries, you won’t need to make sure that they like Negronis as there are other delicious drinks made of Campari cocktails, all available at S$16++, which is a bargain!

There’s the Campari Seltz Campari, Soda, Piña Shakerato, with Campari, Fresh Pineapple Juice, Coconut Oil, Negroni Sbagliato Campari, 1757 Vermouth Di Torino Rosso, Cinzano Prosecco, Cidino with Campari, Cynar, Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Fever-Tree Tonic Water and the Aero 2.0 with Aperol, Averna, Wild Turkey Bourbon 101. My personal favourite out of that bunch: the Aero 2.0!

For food, you will have delicious bites on the menu including a Cheese & Nuts Plate, with a selection of 3 cheeses, nuts, grapes and crackers (S$25++ per plate), Potato Mushroom Quiche (S$15++ for 6 pieces), Italian Parma Ham & Melon (S$18++ for 6 pieces) and Chocolate Bomboloni ($18++ 6 pieces). I thought the Chocolate Bombolonis were SO GOOD, actually THE BOMB!

For more information on the promotions or to make a reservation, please visit the participating hotels’ website: 
Singapore – InterContinental Singapore
Indonesia – InterContinental Jakarta Pondok Indah
Thailand – InterContinental Hua HinInterContinental Phuket ResortInterContinental Koh Samui
Vietnam – InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72InterContinental SaigonInterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula

InterContinental Da Nang
The InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula
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