The new Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular is now available in the UAE

It has been a little over 6 months I’ve been using the Apple Watch and I’m quite a happy camper with it considering while I was cooking or cleaning my room, I was able to pick up the phone or stop my alarm whilst not interrupting my activities. I was able to do that only because my iPhone was in the room and now my life will be forever changed. I could be leaving my phone at home and go for a run, quick walk for the dogs or run some errands, being completely fine leaving or forgetting the phone at home! With the new Apple Watch Series 3 GPS with the cellular finally available in the UAE (Etisalat only as of for now), I can just do just that, leave without my phone and still get the essentials on my wrist.

When will it be available?

In the UAE, on June 15th the watch will be available for those who wish to get this awesome upgrade! It took time since the announcement to make the technology come to the country but better late than never!

Why should I have this watch anyway?

I was able to put my hands on the stainless steel one from Apple to test it out before everyone and these are MY reasons why you should get it.

  • Even though with the Series 3 you were able to make calls, message, listen to music and control other apps, the phone had to be in proximity. Now, forget it? No problem, the watch will recognize that the phone isn’t around and dots will appear on the watch, advising you that it’s on cellular and then it’s like a phone! No need to carry the phone if you really don’t feel like it. I cannot speak for you, but I have moments like that.
  • I can actually replicate the Apple Watch moment on the Keynote where I can be on my Paddle Board in the middle of the lake answering a phone call, OH YEAH.
  • The new stainless steel model is actually so pretty, in love with it on my wrist, plus it comes with the beautiful white sports band (You can choose the Milanese Loop option too at purchase for the stainless steel).
  • There is actually no physical SIM card to be inserted. It will remain light, they use an eSIM (electronic SIM).

How can you know it’s a cellular watch or not?

You will know someone has the cellular version if there’s a red dot on top of the digital crown. LTE will also be printed behind. For now, considering I’m one of the first people to have it, it feels quite weird to flash the red crown you know 😉 look, I am cool, haha!

Do I need to change my number?

Well if you are in a rush to use it and don’t have Etisalat, that’s a pity, you might to get a plan from them for now. Others have yet to make announcements on supporting this service. We will tell you as soon as we know! Right now Etisalat is offering the service at no extra cost for the first three months (which is AWESOME). You will have to sign up before December 15th 2018 to get that promotion, plenty of time! After that period, it will cost around 25 AED (little less than 7 US bucks!) per month which is cheaper than the 10 bucks that my friends in the US pay, booya!

Is the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular easy to set up?

Just like setting up any watch, it is quite easy. You will be needing, of course, an iPhone to use it! Pair it like usual, go on your iPhone’s Watch app and tap on Cellular. It will make a network connection and then you’re done! The only caveat is that it won’t work in other countries (yet). How the technology works isn’t as easy as what we think. The watch won’t be able to adapt to other networks like other mobile devices can detect other networks. This means that you will have to have your phone in range for the time being all other countries adapts to the 21st century 😉 !


  • Quick recognition that my phone isn’t around, got a bit addicted to prank call friends and test calling without the phone anywhere near by.
  • Went for a fast walk around the neighbourhood with the dogs without the phone, wasn’t happy I had to run back because the delivery guy was waiting at the door for my package, but it was awesome to have no phone in the pocket and not freaking out I’d drop my phone whilst running with the two doggies, one leash per hand haha!
  • I definitely look way cooler with the red crown.
    Me showing off my watch be like…


  • Not sure what I will do when I travel, I will miss doing calls without the phone, but then again, I will be travelling so the iPhone will be glued to my hand to take beautiful pictures!
  • If you forgot your phone at home, but it’s roaming and not connected to your wifi, the watch won’t work, snap.

How much?

The starting price of the 38mm is 1,679 AED (460$US) and 42mm at 1,784 AED (485$US). If you want to know more about why having a watch can be useful, you can read ore about how the Apple Watch changed the way I travel around the world.


  • What watch do you own now?
  • If you have an Apple Watch, which apps have you chosen as your travel partner? Let us know your feedback about the apps that you ended up trying!

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