6 Things to do in Old Dubai

Things to do in Old Dubai

What are the things to do in Old Dubai? This guide is not about the landmarks to see in Dubai, but places you should know to go grab a bite, buy, drink, eat again… read up for the details!

Things to do in Old Dubai

1) Take the 1 Dirham Abra

How can we not recommend you this? We may repeat this a lot, but this is a must to cross the creek just like back in the old days!
Cost is 1 AED | The boats run until around 11pm daily in Deira/Bur Dubai

2) Eat at this most popular joint in Old Dubai

How can we not recommend you Ravi’s? It’s a Pakistani food joint, very very basic but cheap as chips! It’s almost open 24h, can you believe it? In a nutshell, you will just find some affordable soul food that will make you very full at the end of the meal!
Cost is way less than 50 AED per person (unless you eat a lot) | Open daily 5 AM-2:30 AM

3) Have a Karak tea

For a Karak tea or Chai tea, just stop at any cafeteria or restaurant on your way and you can ask for a cup of it! Just so satisfying to have a sip now and then… unless you are visiting Dubai in the extreme heat, then it might not be as enjoyable haha!
Cost is from 1 to 3 AED per cup depending where you go! | Open daily 5 AM-2:30 AM

4) Have your Chinese food hit

No need to go to International City for a good authentic Chinese spot, right in Deira you can find China Sea, plus they have karaoke. You will be in for a fun night!
Cost is around 80-100 AED per person | Open daily 11 AM-1 AM

5) Stop for coffee in XVA Cafe

Part of the XVA Hotel, experience this little boutique hospitality and their beautiful indoor garden where you can take some coffee and other things if you fancy
Open daily 7 AM-10 PM

6) Take amazing Instagram photos at Arabian tea house

Once you have walked around Al Bastakiya like we recommended on our Old Dubai Guide, we highly recommend you to get to the Arabian Tea House, get the outdoor cute setting if you can and snap tons of photos!
Cost is around 70 AED per person | Open daily 8 AM-10 PM

What to do in Old Dubai: Al Bastakiya

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Ma'a as-salaama

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Things to do in Old Dubai
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