Things to know before travelling to Laos

Travelling to Laos

Laos is quickly becoming popular with tourists with Bangkok, Hanoi, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur all now offering direct flights to the once hard to access country. It is still quite behind when it comes to organization and infrastructure but the people of Laos in general are extremely happy people who are very keen to help you out at any chance. Here are a few customs that you need to be aware of to make your stay in this up and coming country with plenty to offer.


  • People are very religious here in Laos. Buddhism is the main religion so please do not take any Buddha images, sit on statues and treat any buddha you see with respect.
  • Try to avoid public displays of affection.
  • Females should not be touching monks but it is ok to talk with them.
  • Dress conservatively when visiting temples and Government offices. Usually covering the shoulders and knees will be fine.


  • It is illegal for a foreigner and a local Laotian to have a relationship and can result in jail time if caught.
  • Keep control of your temper in Laos, the people do not react well to it and usually just run away from you because they are embarrassed for you. Try a smile, it seems to work wonders.
  • Do not touch people on the head, it is considered disrespectful.
  • Take off your shoes when entering temples or someones house. Some shops and hotels may require it also so ask first.
Travelling to Laos
Walking at the local main market of Luang Prabang

Other things to know before travelling to Laos

  • If possible, do not give money as it encourages begging, even if you want to pay for a photo.
  • In regards to photos, make sure you ask for permission first, more often than not here they are happy for you to do so!

Get your Laos Visa before travelling

We really hope you enjoy your upcoming trip to Laos and make sure to read everything about getting your visa on arrival for Laos! The procedure is quite simple, but depending on the passport you hold, better verify all the formalities before booking your flights!


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